Posted by: Izzy on 2019-07-03 
I remember picking up one of those things as a kid. I was little, maybe 5 or 6 and I loved that thing! It's crazy, such a toy would be pulled so fast off of the market since it would glorify guns and violence. I miss the toys from those days. Actually, I miss being a kid! I daydream about it while I work with my business serving clients.
Posted by: Dezurtdude on 2007-08-15 
Yes Namoi, one had to be careful with a Johnny Seven! You could put your eye out. This would never be allowed to be on the market today! This rifle is much better than the Red Ryder BB Gun in the movie A Christmas Story! The Johnny Seven would have taken care of those sadistic elves!
Posted by: Naomi on 2007-08-15 
Gee, you could put your eye out with that LOL
Posted by: Steve on 2007-08-14 
I remember playing with this as a kid, but I think a neighbor had it not me or any of my brothers. Thanks for sharing!