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(This started as a radio program in the 1920s.) The NAACP mounted a formal protest almost as soon as the television version began, and that pressure was considered a primary factor in the video version's cancellation. The show was repeated in syndicated reruns until 1966 when CBS acquiesced to pressure from the NAACP and the growing civil rights movement and withdrew the program. Until recently, the television show had been released only on bootleg videotape versions, but by 2005, 72 of the 78 known TV episodes were available in DVD sets.
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All controversy aside, Amos and Andy was the only show on television that featured African Americans not playing servants. I don't think the characters are any sillier, or dumber than those you see on sitcoms today, being portrayed by people of any race.
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Al Charlatan's (I mean Sharpton's) head would explode.
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I totally forgot about them! What would Al Sharpton say about this?