Posted by: Lava1964 on 2011-10-02 
If I'm not mistaken, three of the four original actors/actresses who provided the voices for The Flintstones died of smoking-related illnesses.
Posted by: tommy7 on 2007-12-20 
They had a lighter that flipped open and rubbed 2 sticks together. I'm preety sure they smoked pipes and cigars of some type,because that Fred sure ate alot.
Posted by: Lava1964 on 2007-12-20 
If memory serves me right, there were a couple of episodes in which Fred smoked a cigar.
Posted by: Wikiriwhi on 2007-12-20 
Funny, they never smoked in the show.
Posted by: Lava1964 on 2007-08-01 
Winston was the major sponsor of the Flintstones for the first couple of seasons. The Flintstones was a prime time cartoon. The first two seasons were geared to adult-level humor. Everybody smoked then. It's rather appalling now, but nobody thought anything of it in 1961.