Posted by: Mr.Nostalgia on 2007-08-05 

Dear Lava,

Howdy Doodywas originally

ment to be seen on NBC TV as a

one time holiday kids tv special

back in late December of 1947.

The show wasn't even titled

Howdy was originally

titledPuppet Playhouse Presents!

and it was seen on Saturday evening

December 27,1947.


At the end of the show Mr.Smith

(Bob Smith's name on the show wasn't

Buffalo was Mr.Smith)said to

the viewers and to the members of

The Peanut GallerySee you Next Week


He wasn't supposed to say that..


Nevertheless..the heads of NBC TV

brought the show back and it was

seen on Saturday evenings.

Until the latter part of January of


The show was seen Mon,Weds

and Friday evenings.

Until 1950.

By that time The show was fully

scripted,more puppet and live

characters were added along with

songs and comedy skits and the

show was titledHowdy Doody.

The series didn't move back to

Saturdays..until 1957 and it was

seen on Saturday mornings..

Until HDfinally ended it's run on

NBC TV on Saturday morning September


Posted by: Naomi on 2007-08-04 
Yes, probably had only one 60 second (live) commercial as well.
Posted by: Lava1964 on 2007-07-26 
When Howdy Doody Time first aired, it was only a 15-minute show. Imagine that! A 15-minute show!