Posted by: Naomi on 2007-08-02 
I so agree with you Lambchop and Freckles. Talent like that has almost ceased to exist. And the world is such a different place now, those shows would never go over with today's audiences.
Posted by: Sneakysnake on 2007-07-11 
never watched that, but from the description it sorta sounds like McCale's Navy.
Posted by: Lambchop on 2007-07-11 
no kidding freckles! it just seems the stars of 'yesteryears' had so much more talent!
Posted by: Freckles on 2007-07-11 
He was a star back then, but there were so many stars back then. If he started his career he would be a superstar because I feel there is a true shortage of the greats!