Posted by: SunnyM on 2020-10-13 
These burgers...are making me thirstySUNNYVALE CONCRETE PROS
Posted by: Eneine on 2020-07-18 
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Posted by: Token on 2007-07-10 
I do remember these. I didn't eat much fast food as a youngster, and still don't eat much of it now. When I do, it is usualy while traveling on the road. They should hand out bibs. It always finds it's way onto the front of my shirt.
Posted by: Teresa on 2007-07-10 
i STILL use placemats . . i guess i'm a slob~ hehe
Posted by: Old Fart on 2007-07-09 
It worked, I tried them when I was a teen, but the Styrofoam container wasn't considered environmentally friendly. McDonald's use to house the Big Mac in them too. There was no law broken, just bad image.

But the number one reason was it wasn't a big seller.