Posted by: Lava1964 on 2007-11-28 
After Davy hears Marcia's sob story, he immediately shows up at the Brady house with his new album. It's truly amazing that the technicians could have finished the album Davy was recording that same day and had a packaged copy ready for Davy to give to Marcia. Only in TV Land...
Posted by: Lava1964 on 2007-11-28 
A bit of Davy Jones trivia: When The Beatles made their debut perfomance on The Ed Sullivan Show on February 9, 1964, Davy Jones was also on the program that night. The cast of the Broadway play Oliver! performed I'd Do Anything. Jones was singing onstage in his role as the Artful Dodger.
Posted by: Cathy on 2007-11-28 
Ok Lava, here was one of our cuties of the 70s!
Posted by: Sophia on 2007-11-28 
LOL!!! Oh Lava!!!
Posted by: Lava1964 on 2007-11-27 
Teresa, if you ever have a garage sale...