Posted by: tommy7 on 2007-12-18 
My girlfriend saw him sitting in a studio in cali.he was talking business.She was 17 tapped him on the shoulder.And he told the people he was speaking with excuse me Yes young lady.May I have your autograph? We haven't found it but its here somewhere?The wonders of music and love vs rapping and hate try that with p. diddy you'll get shot.I love his new commercial promoting alcohol and saying Happy New YearS.young americans are ignorant I had no idea were having 2 this year?
Posted by: Wikiriwhi on 2007-12-17 
I have to agree with Billderberg.

AB just couldn't sanitise rock any more.

Even Rap wouldn't have been approriate for Soul Train which was really for black soft rock.

Sanitising is the major priority of the American way,,

hence Fox.
Posted by: Mr.Nostalgia on 2007-08-07 

American Bandstand!'

was seen locally in Philly,Pa.

and nationally on ABC TV

(From WFIL TV Ch.6 in Philly,

Pa.)from 1952 to 1964.

(Mr.Horn hosted the show

from 1952 to 1956)

The show moved to KABC

TV Ch.7 in Los Angeles,Cal.

in 1964.

(Mr.Clark mc'd the show from

1956 in Philly,Pa. amd he hosted

the show from Hollywood from

1964 to 1987)

Where it remained on the

air until ABC TV forced the

program off the air in 1987.

Mr.Dick tried to revive the show

(from Hollywood)in national syndication

in didn't work.

Two years later Mr.Clark tried to

reviveABagain on The USA Cable TV

nework(again from Hollywood,Cal.)

with Mr.Hirsch as the show's third

and last host.


American Bandstandfailed to catch

on with young viewers in the late

1980's and the series finally went off

the air.
Posted by: BillDerBerg on 2007-08-05 
... interesting post. I always thought though, that AB was axed because in '87/88 (c)Rap music was getting more popular among the white kids - for decades they were the sole target demographic of AB. Then about that time, MTV shifted it's standard programming of whitebread-ish 80s geek rock/hair metal to showing 'Yo! MTV Raps' every couple hours... while AB was still putting on Top-40 acts like Richard Marx... who was certainly a hitmaker but only among the 25-35+ year-old Cacausian demographic...

Sad to realize, that 'Soul Train' has out-lasted AB by nearly two decades, and about ten years longer than MTV's last era of all-music scheduled programming.
Posted by: Mr.Nostalgia on 2007-08-05 


American Bandstand!debuted

locally on WFIL(Now WPVI)TV Ch.6

In Philly Pa. in 1952.

Mr.Dick Clark was not the show's

first was Mr.Bob Horn.

Originally..the show was not

meant to have a studio audience

of kids dancing to msuic and being


Ths show's format was simply

Mr.Horn introducing reruns of

old sound jazz music films from

the 1930's and 40's.

(The films were known as


Seeing that this type of concept

would bore the hell out of his viewers?

Mr.Horn suggested to the station

execs at Ch.6 that he have some jazz

music bands perform on the show for

a makeshift audience of kids in the

studio and that after the band perform.

He'd interview the kids in the studio

and the members of the visiting bands.

At first..the station execs at Ch.6 balked

at the idea.

But..they relunctantly gave Mr.Horn

permission to try this concept.

The bands appeared on the show

..they performed,the kids in the

studio danced and Horn,the kids

and the bands had a rap session

after the performance.

The show became a hit!

Bob Horn continued to mcAB

.until he left the show in 1956.

Dick Clark..who mc'd the WFIL

Radio version ofABtook over as

the second host ofAB.(The music

soon changed from jazz to Rock

and roll)

Mr.Clark hostedAmerican

Bandstandfirst in Philly,Pa.

and later on ABC TV from 1956

to 1987.

When ABC TV told Mr.Clark that

they were going to cut back on the

show's running time.

So that the network execs would

give more airtime to sports and

other types of programming.

Mr.Clark refused to allow the heads

of ABC TV to tamper with the show's

running time and he left ABC TV.

Mr.Clark tried to revive ABin

national syndication in 1987.

(AB was seen sunday mornings

on WWOR TV Ch.9 in The NYC/

Seacaucus,NJ viewing area in


But it didn't work.

AB was revived one more

time on The USA Cable TV Network

in 1989.

David Hirsch was the show's third

and last mc.


the show didn't work on Cable tv

and ABfinally went off the air

after a brief period of time.