Posted by: Meryllinker on 2020-02-14 
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Posted by: Rhainne on 2020-02-09 
Stan Honey, the guy who invented the yellow first-down marker you see every time you turn on an NFL game, has been inducted into the Hardwood Floor Refinishing Bloomington, MN National Inventors Hall of Fame with the Class of 2018.
Posted by: Lonniey on 2020-02-09 
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Posted by: ernest21 on 2019-07-30 
I've spent ages looking for this on the web. Thank God someone did post it. Thanks soccer league
Posted by: Lava1964 on 2016-02-11 
This was very informative. I've always wondered how the computer-generated yellow line was made to look like it was beneath the players, officials and the ball.

Unlike the ridiculous Fox-Track Glow Puck (or whatever they called that gizmo), the yellow first-down line is not intrusive and it truly helpful. To real hockey fans, the Glow Puck ruined the game. Merely recalling it makes my blood boil! Many Canadians would not watch Fox hockey broadcasts with that stupid gimmick marring the game. It was absolutely despised here.