Posted by: eric1957 on 2011-09-11 
That was one of the stupidest decision that was ever made. Did it make baseball better? It only made Americans look like sore losers because they couldn't beat them. That's like banning the old Soviet Union from playing ice hockey because they were good.
Posted by: Lava1964 on 2011-09-11 
Classico is correct. I made a post a few week ago about the scandal involving the Philippines team in 1992. Overage players and players from outside the designated districts were being used to form 'super-teams'--giving them a huge advantage over those who played by the rules. It was long suspected that the teams from Chinese Taipei did that too. I remember one commentator joking that some players from Taipei were leaving their wives and kids at home to play in the LLWS.
Posted by: Classico on 2011-09-11 
Unfortunately, several Asian teams did cheat by using players who were too old to be of Little League age. I remember that there was a scandal in the Philippines because someone finked on the team by publicly admitting that one player was overaged. Still, instead of banning teams, more steps should have been taken to insure that only 12 year olds played. Those steps have now been taken and, because of that, we have seen more USA teams win like they did this year.