Posted by: Marty6697 on 2011-03-03 
What a great talent! I loved that show! She is an Icon in my book. Still looking good in her twilight years.
Posted by: Lava1964 on 2011-03-03 
I remember watching an interview with Mary. She said when the puzzled old lady in the background of the opening credits died, her 'role' in MTM was mentioned in her obituary.
Posted by: Classico on 2011-03-03 
Here in the Twin Cities that old lady briefly became a celebrity but she rejected the limelight in order to live a quiet life.
Posted by: Carl1957 on 2011-03-03 
They should have added a statue of that gloomy looking old lady in the back ground of that freeze frame.
Posted by: Lava1964 on 2011-03-03 
Mary Tyler Moore was one of television's finest sitcoms. The cast was magnificent and the writing was superb. The shows got better with every season.

I would rather watch a rerun of MTM than any show on TV today.