Posted by: SteveJaiden on 2020-06-17 
Beatrix Schuba is one of the best figure skaters right now, and I am glad I know about her now. I will do an australianessay review for her soon, and hopefully when I'm done, I'll make sure that my friends and family read it.
Posted by: AngoraSox on 2010-07-16 
You've got that right Lava1964! But my hat's off to Trixi Schuba. How she pulled off perfect figures is beyond me (and everybody else). I'm a figure skater and remember being amused as a little girl watching the judges on their hands and knees, noses to the ice, examining school figures on TV.Later I came to respect school figures. The patterns cut into the ice are beautiful but the process is painstaking. And you're doing it (usually backwards) on a 3/16 inch thick blade---but those exercises really teach you to master your edges when you are free skating. I was ok at them, but what I really loved was the Zen state of mind doing school figures produced for me. I was transported to another, lovely world while doing them. What a wonderful surprise and experience that was!
Posted by: Lava1964 on 2010-06-08 
School figures didn't make for very compelling television. Once TV money started calling the shots at major championships, school figures were doomed.

Perhaps the sport needs a new name.
Posted by: eric1957 on 2010-06-07 
I remember at the '76 Olympics Dick Button had this computer printout of the school figure scores. It looked liked you had to be a literal rocket scientist to figure the darn thing out.