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Members: 3 | Media: 7BOZO THE CLOWN
Group for those who absolutely love BOZO THE CLOWN - "Everybody wants to get into the act." - in this group, we should do the same as BOZO'S MOTTO and Just keep laughing. This is a Group for those who LOVES 2 Make People LAUGH! Also MEMORIES AND PICTURES AND MEDIA Of BOZO The Clown! Any Old JOKES you want to share with others too. BOZO'S MOTTO: BOZO LOVES PEOPLE Short, Big, Tall, ALL People! People From All Over The World ...And When They Find People In OUTERSPACE, Bozo Will LOVE Them Too! THATS Who BOZO Is... BOZO Is Someone, Who LOVES 2 Make People LAUGH! Doesn't Matter What Color You Are, What Language You Speak... BOZO LIKES 2 MAKE EVERYONE LAUGH That's "Bozo's MOTTO" "Just keep laughing"
Tags: BOZO Favorite Clown JOKES LAUGH
Created: 14th February 2009
Status: Public
Owner: mia_bambina
Members: 4 | Media: 150Crime And Punishment
Clips and photos of history's most famous criminal cases--and some obscure ones as well. Some of them invite you to play sleuth.
Tags: crime punishment
Created: 9th December 2008
Status: Public
Owner: Lava1964
Members: 8 | Media: 970s Music
Group for those who absolutely love the 70s music!
Tags: 70s music
Created: 7th December 2008
Status: Private_owner_approval
BrainGun's YouRememberThat Group is an online memorabilia group site that allows members of the YouRememberThat.com community to post commentaries, videos and audio from various eras through the decades.
Tags: braingun's you remember that group
Created: 4th October 2008
Status: Public
Owner: BrainGun64
Members: 1 | Media: 0Nick\'s Newspaper
Nick\'s summer project for AIG, on the book \"A View from Saturday\".
Tags: Nick News
Created: 31st July 2008
Status: Public
Owner: topsailteague
Members: 3 | Media: 256Canadian Content
In Canada we have quirky broadcasting regulations that require TV and radio stations to devote a certain percentage of their programming time to Canadian talent: homegrown shows, singers, etc. Therefore to honour my country--yes, we do spell honour with a 'u'--this group will be comprised of posts that have a distinctly Canadian flavour. (We spell flavour with a 'u' too!) You don't have to know what poutine, a Timbit, a toonie, or a double-double is to enjoy these posts, but it might help!
Tags: anything Canadian
Created: 7th June 2008
Status: Public
Owner: Lava1964
Members: 10 | Media: 392Whats My Line Fans
What's My Line? was the classiest game show ever to air on American television. The prize money on the show was ridiculously puny--even by the standards of the time. But no one ever tuned in to WML to see someone get rich. The attraction was the four-member panel, always an erudite bunch, trying to figure out the contestants' occupations--and, of course, trying to identify the famous mystery guest. I've added so many WML clips to this website, I figured I might as well start a group dedicated to this wonderful old TV show.
Tags: Whats My Line
Created: 26th April 2008
Status: Public
Owner: Lava1964
Members: 6 | Media: 3Seinfeld
Seinfeld Clips
Tags: Seinfeld
Created: 15th March 2008
Status: Public
Owner: hhunn
One of my pet peeves is political correctness. It's the scourge of the planet. It inhibits thought, free speech, and honest discourse. I'm fighting back in my own tiny way by forming this group to collect all the posts whose contents might be considered offensive today but ruffled few feathers when they were originally made. You know the type of stuff I mean: cigarette ads, sexist commercials, etc. I'm also including examples of political correctness run amuck--which are sadly becoming more and more plentiful.
Tags: politically incorrect stuff
Created: 8th March 2008
Status: Public
Owner: Lava1964
Members: 2 | Media: 0Jesus Crust: Superstar
Based on a concept album project written by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice, and the subsequent long-running Broadway performance, this film tells the story of the final 6 days in the life of Jesus Christ through the troubled eyes of Judas Iscariot. Too often mis-labeled a musical, this film is a "rock opera." There are no spoken lines, everything is sung.
Tags: Jesus Christ Superstar religion singing opera ted needly
Created: 28th January 2008
Status: Public
Owner: geminat

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