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Created: 26th April 2012
Status: Public
Owner: kendnsrwba
Members: 1 | Media: 1BOIHKG
The Benevolent Order of the I Hate Kelly Club
Tags: I Hate Kelly
Created: 20th April 2012
Status: Public
Owner: JodiAlDaraji
Members: 5 | Media: 99TV Disasters
Television has given us many wonderful, high quality shows: MASH, Law & Order, Cheers, Friends, 60 Minutes, Jeopardy!, All in the Family, and Mary Tyler Moore, to name just a few. This group has nothing to do with them! Instead it celebrates disastrous TV series, unexpected flops, and moments that some people probably think are best forgotten.
Tags: TV disasters flops
Created: 31st July 2011
Status: Public
Owner: Lava1964
Members: 2 | Media: 71950's
Tags: 1950
Created: 11th June 2011
Status: Private_owner_invite
Owner: stanflipper
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Tags: nhl jerseyObtaining dropped within not familiar areas is
Created: 1st June 2011
Status: Public
Owner: qing2011
Members: 4 | Media: 0Reminisce Mania!
If you like to reminisce, then this is the club for you!
Tags: Reminicse Mania
Created: 30th July 2010
Status: Public
Owner: BettyBoop66
Members: 9 | Media: 53Our Gang Reunion
From 1922 through 1944 the Our Gang comedies (later renamed The Little Rascals for television syndication) amused and entertained adults and youths alike with their adventures. The charm of the films was that the kids were behaving like kids. This group contains still photos, a few clips, and plenty of biographies from the fondly remembered Our Gang bunch.
Tags: Our Gang Little Rascals
Created: 11th January 2010
Status: Public
Owner: Lava1964
Members: 2 | Media: 156Scandalous!
There's nothing more tittilating than a good scandal. Nostalgia is full of them. They've come in many forms: sexual, financial, criminal, sports, etc. The common link is that these posts all have a scandalous nature about them.
Tags: scandals
Created: 10th November 2009
Status: Public
Owner: Lava1964
Members: 3 | Media: 0Soap Operas
A group for fans of the genre known as Soap Operas.
Tags: Soap Operas
Created: 1st August 2009
Status: Public
All Sports and Pageant Intros, Will Be Posted Here as is.
Tags: Sports Pageant Intros
Created: 29th June 2009
Status: Public
Owner: oaklandfan09

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