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Future Pizza Delivery Big brother won't be our government, it will be US. Every time you use your pharmacy or grocery card for the "discount" you aren't getting a discount- you are selling your buying habits.
Tags: Future  Pizza  Delivery  Invasion  of  Privacy   
Added: 31st January 2009
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Posted By: pfc
Posted by: Mia_bambina on 2009-01-31 
WOW - what else can we the people say!
Posted by: Steve on 2009-01-31 
Yes, this is scary true. All the technology and software exists and they are edging this into use.

Example, micro chips, let's put these in Fido so he will never be lost. Do it gradually no one will notice, hmmm list put these on criminals hey , lets put one on Jimmy is already starting.

It is true when you use your grocery or drug store discount card you are merely selling your buying habits to them.

Here is another interesting article:
Posted by: Lava1964 on 2009-01-31 
I remember the first time an employee at a pizza joint 'recognized' me because of my phone number. They wanted to know if I was placing my 'usual' order and whether it would be delivered to the 'usual' address. I was in university at the time and had only called that pizza place once before. It was a little disconcerting.
Posted by: eric1957 on 2009-01-31 
In other words we have sold our souls. We have become like The Village on The Prisoner.
Posted by: Nbmike on 2009-01-31 
It reminds me of shopping at Radio Shack before they were converted to The Source stores here in Canada. You'd go up to the counter, and by the time your purchase was rung in, they'd ask you for everything but a blood sample it seemed. Name, address, phone #, and it seemed that happened every time, even on repeat visits.
Posted by: Marty6697 on 2009-02-01 
They also can track you down using your cell phone, even if it is turned off. Unless you take the batterys out. Cameras every where too.
Posted by: Mia_bambina on 2009-02-04 
That's why those guys wear those sunglasses at night, so they can see me!
It cuts my security he's got control of me!
Posted by: Steve on 2009-02-16 
February 16, 2009:
Included in the government growth package (bail out program) is a provision calling for the creation of a national health database. This is a campaign promise from Barack Obama, and he is going to pay off in the name of economic stimulus.
Posted by: Unclejohnnybob on 2009-06-10 
you ever see the movie The Net this isnt that far off
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