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George Reeves On June 16, 1959, George Reeves was found shot to death at his home in Hollywood CA. It's been 49 years and to this day, there is still controversy over whether he killed himself or was murdered. ****************** Here's some interesting trivia about him I thought I'd share today in the Comments Section:
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Added: 16th June 2008
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Posted By: Naomi
Posted by: Naomi on 2008-06-16 
- He was always somewhat depressed over his identification with the role of Superman because he felt that it prevented him from being able to take on more challenging roles.

- George was cautious in his interaction with the young children who were fans of the Superman TV series because they often tried to test his invulnerability by assaulting him.

- His birth date is often given as April 5, 1914, but that was due to his actual birth date, January 5, being considerably less than nine months after his parents' wedding. His mother lied even to him about his birthday and it was not until adulthood that he learned the truth. To further confuse matters, his mother made a mistake when having the urn containing his ashes inscribed, and because of that his burial urn reads January 6 instead of January 5.

- He personally defended Noel Neill when she replaced Phyllis Coates as Lois Lane in the second season of the Superman TV series when he felt the director was being too harsh with her. He also defended Robert Shayne, who played Inspector Henderson, when Shayne was accused of being a radical during the 1950's witch hunt and was in danger of losing his job.

- Although it was circulated that he was depressed over being labeled Superman, and that it inhibited his future career, he took the part of role model seriously, even to the extent of quitting smoking and not making appearances around children with his girlfriends.

- Even though his Superman costume was padded, Reeves himself was actually very athletic and did most of his own stunts for his role in the Adventures of Superman (1952). Episodes routinely required him to jump from significant heights to simulate Superman landing in frame or hitting a springboard with enough force to propel him out of frame. A frequent stunt required Reeves to grab a bar (outside of camera range) and swing in through a window, clearing his own height (over six foot) and landing on his feet. Reeves had mastered this gymnastic move so well that he could perform the stunt and immediately deliver his dialog without the need to cut to another angle.

- In 1952, his salary for Superman was $2,500 a week.
Posted by: Old Fart on 2008-06-16 
I remember hearing as a kid he took his life, it was so difficult to verify the information back then.
Posted by: Mr.Nostalgia on 2008-06-28 

I use to believe that Mr.Reeves killed



With the evidence stating that there were

no powder burns on the gun or his body.

That he was drunk and on drugs..that there

were bullet holes all over his bedroom and

that he was using a German Lugar..a small

but heavy gun to shoot himself.

And that Ms.Lenore Lemon his ex bride to

be skipped town with his traveler's checks?

I have to believe that he was murdered.
Posted by: Mr.Nostalgia on 2008-08-30 

Dear Naomi,

At the time of Mr.Reeves death?

He was preparing to go to NYC.

To perform on a network tv variety show,

sing in concert at Carngie Hall,record a

new disk as a singer/musician and song-


He was also going to box Joe Lewis in a

charity bout at Madison Sq.Garden,direct

a sci fi film and appear in some new episodes

of The Superman TV Showwith Ms.Neil and



All that ended that tradgic night in June,

Posted by: DoubleD on 2010-05-20 
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