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Do You Remember Mercurochrome or Methiolade I hated this stuff as a kid, made you tough out ANY cut so because this stuff burned so bad! Mercurochrome was finally banned in the US only because it contained mercury!
Tags: Mercurochrome  or  Methiolade 
Added: 11th February 2008
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Posted By: Old Fart
Posted by: Naomi on 2008-02-11 
Oh boy, do I remember those...usually a day didn't go by without my mother having to dab a bit of it on a knee, a shin or an elbow! And when things got really serious there was always the dreaded IODINE!!!!

Posted by: tommy7 on 2008-02-11 
My mom would become a tattoo artist with Mercurochrome(sounds like film)and iodine with that applicator. I requested Popeye anchors always.Liked that mercury with the mother's touch.lol
Posted by: Marty6697 on 2008-02-11 
I remember Bactine. The big red ball on the can. Sunburns cuts yup still smell that stuff today Lol.
Posted by: tommy7 on 2008-02-11 
I use Bactine spray and squeeze bottle still.
Posted by: sweets50 on 2008-02-12 
Oh do I remember this ...I used to put it in the baby oil and use it as a suntanning lotion,, A dropper full in a bottle of baby oil made the best sun tanning or so we thought !! We were dorks back in the 60's Lovable dorks but dorks !! LOL LOL LOL DOH !!
Posted by: Marty6697 on 2008-02-12 
Lol! Sweets That baby oil concotion sounds more like basting sauce. At least you dorks were lovable. Cool
Posted by: Naomi on 2008-02-12 
This was nothing compared to home remedies that would be carried down through the generations. I used to think this was primarily a remedy used by Italians, but after talking to other members here I found out it was universal. I'm speaking of the 'MUSTARD PLASTER' I was probably 4-5 when my grandmother made up this concoction to get rid of chest congestion. I would lay on my stomach and she would put a linen dish towel on my back and spread hot mustard on it! It seemed that just the smell would kill any germs lurking around. I suppose it must have worked and it didn't kill me...
Posted by: tommy7 on 2008-02-12 
Sounds like where Vicks Vapo Rub got their idea??
Posted by: Naomi on 2008-02-12 
Vicks would have been a pleasant surprise LOL
Posted by: tommy7 on 2008-02-12 
There was a warning cartoon in a pharmacy in the west village,not to mix up...fill in the blanks.Flames and all !LOL
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