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Ricky Segall - Killer of The Partridge Family One certain indicator that a TV show is slipping is the pointless addition of a new character. It is especially true when a child is added to a show's cast in a desperate attempt to attract more youthful viewers. Along those lines, who remembers little Ricky Segall on The Partridge Family? For many die-hard fans of the show, Segall is the Partridges' equivalent of "Cousin Oliver"--Robbie Rist's character who is often unfairly blamed for killing The Brady Bunch. The Partridge Family was a top-20 show in both 1971-72 and 1972-73. For reasons best known to ABC, for the 1973-74 season it was moved from its secure Friday night time slot to Saturdays at 8 p.m. where it hopelessly had to compete against All In The Family on CBS. Furthermore, someone at ABC thought the Partridge kids were getting up in years--after all Suzanne Crough (who played youngest child Tracy) was an old lady of ten in 1973--and thus alienating younger viewers. Enter four-year-old singer Ricky Segall who played neighbor Ricky Stevens. Sporting a Prince Valiant haircut, Stevens' shtick was to act cute and warble a kids' tune. (Ricky's father wrote his songs!) Segall appeared in ten of the first twelve episodes in the 1973-74 season before vanishing from the show without any explanation. Only in his first episode did his character have a meaningful role. (New to the neighborhood, Ricky's mom did not like showbiz folks.) The Partridge Family was cancelled after the 1973-74 season with 96 total episodes made. Segall had a spotty TV and movie career after his stint on The Partridge Family. Today he is a married ordained minister with three children. At last report Segall was living and preaching in Canada.
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Added: 26th March 2014
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Posted By: Lava1964
Posted by: Lava1964 on 2014-03-26 
From the time flies department...

Forty years ago this week, the final first-run episode of The Partridge Family aired on ABC: March 23, 1974.
Posted by: Music Maiden on 2014-03-26 
I wouldn't say he killed it. I have noticed though that when they do start bringing in new characters that is the first signs of a shows decline.
Posted by: Lava1964 on 2014-03-26 
The Partridge Family was doomed the moment it tried to go head-to-head with All in the Family in 1973. ATIF was in its heyday then. Any show would have fared poorly against it. Whether Ricky Segall was added to The Partridge Family cast or not, I doubt it would have made any substantial difference. I was being slightly facetious in saying Ricky killed the show. It was already on life support.

By pitting The Partridge Family against AITF, ABC was virtually conceding the adult audience to AITF. Hence the need to bring in someone new to appeal to the kids. I think I saw one or two original episodes that featured Ricky. That was enough to turn me off the show.
Posted by: Steve on 2014-03-30 
Yea, every time I see a show adding characters I think of this and wonder if its the beginning of the end for the show.
Posted by: Bilol on 2019-09-16 
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A definite indication that the TV show is slipping is the meaningless inclusion of the new character. I have https://www.bestessays.com.au/ . This is especially true when a child is added to the cast of the show in a desperate attempt to attract more young viewers. Along those lines, who remembers little Ricky Segal in The Partridge Family? For many fans of the show, Segal Partridge's equivalent of Cousin Oliver -
Posted by: LisaTaylor on 2019-10-28 
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