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Monkees Davy Jones Passes At Age 66 An official from the medical examiner's office for Martin County, Florida confirmed with TMZ they received a call from Martin Memorial Hospital informing them that Jones had passed away. Jones is survived by his wife Jessica and 4 daughters from previous marriages. He was 66-years-old.
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Added: 29th February 2012
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Posted By: Cliffy
Posted by: Lava1964 on 2012-02-29 
This is sad.

Man, I must be getting old.
Posted by: donmac101 on 2012-02-29 
Why is it we all think our icons should live forever and are so surprised when they turn out to be mere mortals.

He will be sadly missed by many and I count myself amongst them.
Posted by: Marty6697 on 2012-02-29 
R.I.P. Davey! Every day we wake up is a good day. Life is precious, enjoy every minute of it.
Posted by: Carl1957 on 2012-02-29 
I remember my dad taking my sister and her friends to a Monkee's concert back in 1969 or 70 and he called the house from the auditorium they were at. I remember the loud screaming in the background. That was such a long time ago.
Posted by: AngoraSox on 2012-03-01 
Who expected Davy Jones to die of a heart attack at 66? He looked healthy. Sigh.
Posted by: eric1957 on 2012-03-01 
Davy was part of TV history. He played the Artful Dodger in Oliver on Broadway in 1964. The cast performed on the Ed Sullivan Show the night The Beatles made their American TV debut. RIP Davy.
Posted by: AngoraSox on 2012-03-01 
I saw the Beatles perform a month before the Ed Sullivan show because, are you ready for this, my DAD woke us kids up to go downstairs and see these musicians called the Beatles on the TV set! We were so groggy and watched them bleary eyed as my dad went on and on about how they were going to be the next big thing in the States! My dad! An officer in the military! LOL Afterwards, we begged to go back to bed because we were so tired and out of it. Later we kids would GET IT. But, unbelievably my dad was way ahead of us all! Dang!
Over at beatle dot net it says, Although Sullivan was the first American TV host to book the Beatles, television personality Jack Paar pulled a coup by broadcasting a filmed performance of group on his NBC show over a month before their scheduled Sullivan show appearance on CBS. Paar had seen the group in London at the Royal Variety Show on Nov. 4. He purchased film from the BBC, including shots of screaming girls and The Beatles performing “She Loves You”.
Epstein was furious with the BBC for selling the Beatles performance to a rival of Sullivan and worried that Sullivan would be angry. Epstein had promised Sullivan the first and exclusive American television appearances of The Beatles. Epstein threatened to cancel The Beatles’ radio shows on the BBC if action was not taken. The BBC tried to rescind its licensing of the film, but Paar refused to budge. Sullivan was furious and phoned Prichard to cancel The Beatles. Fortunately, Prichard decided to wait a few days before calling Epstein. Sullivan cooled off when he realized what a hot ticket The Beatles were becoming and canceled his cancellation before Epstein ever knew. There is more fun backstory to this story at beatle dot net.
Posted by: Lava1964 on 2012-03-01 
I posted Davy Jones' appearance on the Ed Sullivan show with the cast of Oliver! a few years ago. It's worth a look!
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