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The Ingalls Family Lava recently posted photos on the site of Melissa Sue Anderson who portrayed Mary Ingalls on, 'Little House on the Prairie.' This compelled me to explore further. Here are pictures of the family, what I am looking for is information - what do you know? Better yet, what information can you find about this family? Please let us know.
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Added: 27th January 2010
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Posted By: jedwgrn
Posted by: Lava1964 on 2010-01-28 
They don't even look a bit like their TV counterparts, do they?
Posted by: Carl1957 on 2010-01-28 
In the Little House Books, Laura always stated that Mary was prettier...however, Laura sure looks prettier than Mary in these pictures.
Posted by: Classico on 2010-01-28 
I did not watch the show nor read any of the books Ingalls wrote. But it may surprise to you to know that here in Minnesota she is reputed to have a been hard core racist, especially towards Native Americans. This is highly unusual in this region.

White farming settlers endured harsh winter conditions and many faced starvation because they were unaccustomed to the very bad winters and crop failures we have here. Often, it was poor Indians and ex-slave Black farmers who bailed them out. As a consequence, racism is viewed with great contempt here. Why or how Ingalls remained a racist is peculiar under those circumstances.
Posted by: Carl1957 on 2010-01-28 
Classico, I was under the assumption that it was Caroline who hated indians. If you read the books, Laura was always sympathetic toward the Native Americans. In fact, she couldn't understand why the white men came and forceibly took the land. It wasn't fair. So that leads me to belive that she wasn't racist towards Native Americans.
Posted by: Classico on 2010-01-29 
Like I said, I do not know all the facts and just threw out some thoughts on the subject.

If you read Jack London's books you see that some of his fictional stories were highly sympathetic towards non-Whites. Yet, his private writings are filled with harsh, proto-Nazi ideas. His letters are collected in a three volume set edited by Labor, Leitz, Shepherd and are readily available.
Posted by: MeanJohnDean on 2010-01-29 
These People are Swedish?!!!Never would have thought that from seeing them.
Posted by: Steve on 2010-01-29 
I never thought this show was so popular judging by the comments!
Posted by: Lava1964 on 2010-01-29 
This show was very popular--especially in its first four or five seasons. It was one of the few hits NBC had at the time. Michael Landon was, of course, very likable in any role. Overall there was something very appealing about the lives of a loving pioneer family. 'Family values' shows always do well.

In my neck of the woods, Little House was widely available in reruns. During the mid-1980s I recall I could watch one episode on a Canadian station and immediately afterward watch another rerun on a Buffalo, NY station.

My favorite episode is Centennial. Set as the American 1876 centennial celebrations are about to take place, Theodore Bikel appeared as a grateful Russian immigrant who cannot comprehend why the locals are upset about paying taxes to their government.
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