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Jane Fonda cuddles with the Enemy To all our veterans on this solemn day. You were willing to sacrifice it all for us - even the likes of Jane Fonda, John Kerry and Howard Dean.
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Added: 24th May 2009
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Posted By: TheSaint
Posted by: TheSaint on 2009-05-24 
As more of our Vets pass away - forget of Jane Fonda's treason.
Posted by: Lava1964 on 2009-05-24 
To this day I don't understand how she wasn't charged with treason.
Posted by: Classico on 2009-05-25 
The reason was as follows: the North Vietnamese's principle financiers was the communist government of Chairman Mao in Peking. He was a sworn enemy of the USA who vowed to spread his form of government everywhere through war and subversion. In 1971 Nixon said he was no longer an enemy and recognized his government who took over Taiwan's seat in the UN. In doing so, Nixon admitted that the USA was in the wrong in Nam.

Fonda visited North Vietnam in 1972 -- one year after Nixon said China (who financed NV's war) was no longer an enemy. Just eight months later, the USA left Vietnam. By the time Fonda sat on an anti-aircraft machine, the USA was on the verge of ending its campaign in Nam with Nixon tacitly admitted China and NV were right. That is why Fonda was never tried for treason.
Posted by: TheSaint on 2009-05-26 
I still don't understand her motivation to visit North Vietnam instead of visiting our troops?

What was she thinking?

Was it her boyfriend/husband activist?
Posted by: Lava1964 on 2009-05-27 
It took years for Hanoi Jane to admit she might have offended some people with this stunt.

It some ways this shows how some Hollywood types are detached from the real world.
Posted by: Classico on 2009-05-27 
''her motivation to visit North Vietnam instead of visiting our troops? ''

Almost all of our troops were out of South Vietnam - withdrawal was completed 4 months later in November so that there were practically no troops to visit. Nixon's successful withdrawal of the troops was timed to coincide with the election and that's why he won it so easily.

She went to NK along with other anti-war activists. I don't know if you recall but it was a fact that the majority of Americans opposed the war and few expressed any disgust with her going there.
Posted by: Classico on 2009-05-27 
Woops, I forgot to add above: while onfiled troops were withdrawn by November, there were still advisory military personnel for a few months more.
Posted by: TheSaint on 2009-05-28 
No sane person likes war. And unfortunately it is too easy to involve our sons, daughters and parents into such conflicts.

BUT - Out of respect for the serviceman that are there or died you don't go visit the enemy and make a spectacle of it.

Respect is not something politically motivated people care much about. You can make excuses for her if you wish. It was just wrong.
Posted by: Classico on 2009-05-28 
I'm not making excuses for her, just trying to explain why so few objected.

Nixon's DOJ had every opportunity to deny her a visa but failed to do so. Why do suppose they granted her one? Because people would have accused him of a double standard by going to China and declaring Mao an ally after he financed the opposition in the war.

So who, then, showed more contempt for our soldiers?
Posted by: Carl1957 on 2009-05-28 
She did ask for forgiveness for her actions in later years. We need to let it go now.
Posted by: Relntls on 2009-05-29 
Amazing haw the music takes you back. Lots of buddys on that wall. Do you remember AFN and Charlie Tuna and Chris Noel? Helped to retain some of my sanity.
Posted by: TheSaint on 2009-05-31 
Despite attempts to down play what she did... many tens of thousands of Americans thought what she did was distasteful. But we are a forgiving country.

Rich Hollywoods types are often given special privledges plus Tricky Dick had respect for her Dad... the late great Henry Fonda. Thank goodness Nixon ended the war that began with JFK and LBJ. Too bad for all our troops that had to serve in this one.

It was the Jane Fonda and John Kerry types that made these boys come back in shame. They were even spit on at airports. So you can't excuse that.
Posted by: Marcoaz on 2012-07-21 
I will never forgive this.
I will never forget this.
As a consequence of her treason, many POW's suffered needlessly, more than they were already suffering.

US Army
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