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Hippies and Ex-Hippies Wanted There were so many groovy posts this week that didn't get the attention I thought it would get because we have so many 80s youngin's. I'm on a campaign to get more 60s era people here. There will still be plenty of 80s of course! If you belong to MySpace/Twitter/Facebook or the likes, please place a bulletin on those site letting them know we are looking for Hippies and Ex-Hippies.
Tags: Hippies  and  Ex-Hippies  Wanted 
Added: 3rd April 2009
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Posted By: Old Fart
Posted by: ChowDog on 2009-04-03 
I have a Facebook account I use all the time, but there isn't a Add To Facebook icon on here. At least I haven't seen it. Steve, can we get an add to Facebook thingy?
Posted by: Mia_bambina on 2009-04-03 
MIA_BAMBINA has a Myspace account and I posted a bulletin there -Hippies And Ex-Hippies Wanted!
(with that picture above, and with it's code)

If THEY click the picture it should bring them to this post and of course the site @ YRT.com (CLICK PICTURE and It will take you to a a fun and SAFE site to share our memories!)

-Thanks, Old Fart...Good Luck with the campaign!!
Posted by: Steve on 2009-04-03 
Steve (ChowDog) I'm not sure, I'll have to look into it. I know Facebook just started allowing third party items since Twitter started.
Posted by: TheSaint on 2009-04-03 
Wow. Never thought I'd see anyone actually seek out Hippies. Had to read that twice. You think any of them even have a computer? :)
Posted by: BigBoy Bob on 2009-04-03 
Gee hard to believe they are all retiring, now turning to different meds!
Posted by: Marty6697 on 2009-04-03 
Love the Pic Old Fart! Hippys! Cool! My wife loves that dress. Make Love Not War Peace! Im sure many old and Hippys today have a computer. Just because they are a hippy doesn't mean stupid.
Posted by: ChowDog on 2009-04-03 
That dress would be on my wife if she had of been born earlier in life. (1960) She always says she was born 10 years to late. She loves that era. Peace, love and happiness! LOL!
Posted by: SantasTinker on 2009-04-15 
I entered the 60's as a beat a la Maynard G. Creeb's (sic) see: Dobie Gillis. (please excuse my dyslexic spelling). Did the whole west coast scenes. Anybody remember Pea-coats and going to Canters. Was all over Hollywood coffee houses. Lots of bennies. Saw the Doors at their first show at Whisky-a-go-go. But Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention w/ Suzie Creamcheese handed out LSD-25 at the door of their Freak-outs. You weren't paying attention if you don't remember...Radio Free Oz with Peter Bergman ( later called the Firesign Theater). I think it was he that told the story about the natives in the Andes going down into the jungles to get bananas to smoke, and the one about the aliens working with abducted engineers fixing their spaceship. I remember some guy call the station (KPFK) and asking: Is this for real, man?. Peter was cool. Went to the Gathering of the Tribes Pow Wow in SF and to the first Love-In in LA. Hung out at the Family Dog House with the Dead and The 11th Ave. Circus with the Fish. Berry Melton gave me my first hit of 4-way White Lighting and spent the whole night in Golden Gate Park tripping. Headed north to Seattle and worked for Matthew Katz fixing up the old Encore Ballroom where I became friends and biggest fan and part-time MC for It's A Beautiful Day. Made some show clothes for their bass player and others, Let's see, that was in 1967. On to the Summer of Love. What a ride... OMG I forgot Morningstar Ranch...but that's another story. I haven't read any other stories here. Is this just getting started?
Posted by: beev50 on 2009-12-30 
Hey theres a naked man in the background!
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