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Ernest Borgnine- Nine Days Of Christmas Tags: Ernest  Borgnine-  Nine  Days  Of  Christmas  Brinton  Marsden  Orchestra   
Added: 24th December 2015
Views: 2580
Posted By: Cathy
Jimmy Dean Reacts to His Show Being Canceled Here's something a little bit different: Country singer Jimmy Dean had his own variety program on CBS. His daytime show ran six days a week from 1957 to 1959. He also hosted a nighttime version for a few months in 1957. In April 1959 CBS decided to cancel the show at the end of June. Upon learning the news, Dean decided to announce the cancellation himself and urged his loyal viewers to protest.
Tags: Jimmy  Dean  country  singer  TV  variety  show  cancellation 
Added: 18th December 2015
Views: 1750
Posted By: Lava1964
Days of the Week-- Lucy Tags: Days  of  the  Week--  Lucy  I  Love  Lucy  Comedy  TV  Show  50 
Added: 16th December 2015
Views: 1892
Posted By: Cathy
Admiral TV Tele Bar Tags: Admiral  TV  Tele  Bar  1951  drinks  drinking  alcohol   
Added: 19th November 2015
Views: 2023
Posted By: Freckles
Germs on the School Bus Tags: Germs  on  the  School  BusListerine  Antiseptic  colds  gargle  common  cold  mothers 
Added: 13th November 2015
Views: 1141
Posted By: Freckles
The 1950s Tags: The  1950s  Even  The  Bears  Were  Nice  cars  car   
Added: 8th November 2015
Views: 1553
Posted By: pfc
London Great Smog - 1952 On Friday, December 5, 1952 a substantial fog rolled across London, England. This was not a particularly rare occurrence in that city. What made it memorable and lethal was the fact that it stayed for the better part of four days and basically brought the British capital to a standstill. The first week in December 1952 brought unusually cold weather to Great Britain. An unusual weather system known as an anticyclone moved over London. (Anticyclones are high pressure systems that create stationary surface hazes.) Not only was the thickening mist not moving, the smoke from the city's coal-burning furnaces in homes and offices was also trapped. In the early 1950s, the coal used in most London households was of a lower grade than the type used before the Second World War. (The higher quality coal was saved for export.) It also had a high sulfur content. Because the anticyclone was trapping both the fog and the coal smoke, the city was engulfed in a stinky blanket of mist that made many basic outdoor activities impossible. Driving became a dangerous adventure. City buses moved at a snail's pace, often with policemen preceding them on foot with torches. Within a short while bus service stopped altogether due to the low visibility. (The unaffected London Underground kept its schedule, however). Private cars were abandoned on the streets. Most outdoor activities, including sports events, were cancelled. The smog became so bad that it began to seep into indoor venues. Movie theaters and concert halls had to cancel shows because of diminished visibility. Finally, after four days of intense smog, a new weather system cleared London's skies on Tuesday, December 9. However, about 4,000 Londoners died from respiratory illnesses shortly thereafter related to breathing the unhealthy coal smoke. Health officials later put the death toll at about 12,000 from the lingering effects of what became known as The Great Smog. In 1956 the British parliament passed the Clean Air Act which mandated pollution controls and restricted furnaces to burning pollution-free fuels. The legislation worked. London has not experienced anything even close to The Great Smog of 1952 in all the years since then.
Tags: London  Great  Smog  pollution 
Added: 4th November 2015
Views: 1192
Posted By: Lava1964
Dorothy Kilgallen Here's a fun segment from the March 21, 1954 episode of What's My Line. Longtime WML panelist Dorothy Kilgallen had given birth to her third child, Kerry, just two days before, so she was absent from the show. Infant Kerry's two older siblings, Dickie (12) and Jill (10), appear as co-mystery guests and have the esteemed panel flummoxed for a while.
Tags: WML  Dorothy  Kilgallen  children 
Added: 27th October 2015
Views: 1276
Posted By: Lava1964
Red Skelton Ice Cream Pantomime From a 1954 episode of The Red Skelton Show, Red does a pantomime of a man eating ice cream at a theater.
Tags: Red  Skelton  ice  cream  pantomime 
Added: 26th October 2015
Views: 1510
Posted By: Lava1964
The Quiet Man - Fight Scene There's nothing better than a good punch-up! The recent death of actress Maureen O'Hara prompted me to revisit the film The Quiet Man. The climax of the 1952 John Ford classic is the brawl between Sean Thornton (John Wayne) and Will Danaher (Victor McLaglen). Here is more than nine minutes of the famous and comical donnybrook!
Tags: The  Quiet  Man  John  Wayne  Victor  McLaglen 
Added: 25th October 2015
Views: 1625
Posted By: Lava1964

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