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Cynthia Lynn Following the recent passing of Richard Dawson, I was asked on another post how many of the Hogan's Heroes cast are still alive. Here's one: Cynthia Lynn, who played the very lovely Fraulein Helga, the first of Colonel Klink's two secretaries, in the first season of the sitcom. Born in Latvia in 1936, she is still with us today at age 75.
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Added: 5th June 2012
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SuperBall Invented - 1964 The SuperBall (originally Super Ball) was invented in 1964 by chemist Norman Stingley. It was created by compressing a synthetic rubber material under high pressure. It is an extremely elastic ball made of Zectron, which contains the synthetic rubber polymer polybutadiene, as well as hydrated silica, zinc oxide, stearic acid, and other ingredients vulcanized with sulfur at a temperature of 165 degrees Celsius and at a pressure of 3,500 pounds per square inch. Dropped from shoulder level, a SuperBall will typically bounce to 92% of its release height. Thrown down with force by an average adult onto a hard surface, it can bounce over a three-story building. During its first year, more than 170,000 SuperBalls were produced each day by Wham-O. "It took us nearly two years to iron the kinks out of SuperBall before we produced it." according to Richard Knerr, president of Wham-O. "It always had that marvelous springiness but it had a tendency to fly apart. We've licked that with a very high-pressure technique for forming it. Now we're selling millions." By December 1965, more than six million SuperBalls had been sold at 98 cents apiece. The toy also indirectly gave its name to one of America's great sporting spectacles: The Super Bowl. American Football League president Lamar Hunt coined the phrase for the new NFL-AFL championship game after seeing his children play with a SuperBall. (He didn't think the name was especially good, though.)
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Added: 1st June 2012
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1965 - Construction of the St. Louis Arch Over 40 years ago back in 1965, The Arch was built in 1963 it completed the St. Louis Arch in 1966 and that was how a landmark begin
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Added: 28th May 2012
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Astrodome Memories 1965 Dubbed the 8th Wonder of the World the Astrodome has sat empty for 6 years in disrepair. The last time it was used? To shelter people during Hurricane Katrina.
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Added: 23rd May 2012
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Marine Boy A Japanese cartoon series of the early 60's which helped to peek my interest in all things futuristic and Sci-Fi.
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Land Of The Giants Irwin Allen gave us a lot of TV fiction and Sci-Fi series in the 60s and onwards. This was a must see for a eight year old me.
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Patsy Cline Plane Crash - 1963 Patsy Cline, one of the most influential female singers in country music history, was tragically killed in an airplane crash in Camden, TN on March 5, 1963. She was 30 years old. Her last performance had occurred two days earlier in Kansas City, KS at a benefit for the family of a popular radio deejay who had died in an automobile mishap in January. Cline's plane was headed towards Nashville, TN. After a stopover in Dyersburg, TN, the plane, a small Piper Comanche, took off for the final leg of the journey at 6:07 p.m. It vanished about 15 minutes later. Three other performers--Cowboy Copas, Hankshaw Hawkins, and Randy Hughes (the pilot)--also perished. The airplane encountered severe storm conditions which almost certainly contributed to the crash. It was later learned that Hughes was not trained for instrument flying and was likely trying to make an emergency landing on a nearby highway. Instead the plane crashed nose-first into a remote forested area. The wreckage was discovered by a Cline fan early the next morning who had searched for it after hearing radio reports that Cline's plane had likely gone down. The crash site has changed very little in the five decades since Cline's untimely death. According to friends, Cline sensed her impending doom, and made comments as early as September 1962 that she didn't expect to live much longer. Shortly before her death, Cline gave away treasured personal belongings and hastily wrote her will.
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1964 Jeopardy Tags: 1964  Jeopardy    Art  Fleming  1960s  60s  1964  Merv  Griffin 
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Art Fleming Double Jeopardy Tags: Art  Flemming  Double  Jeopardy  60s  1960s  Merv  Griffin 
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Marion Lorne - Aunt Clara Even though Marion Lorne had five decades of stage work on her resume, she didn't become widely famous as an actress until the last few years of her life. Her occasional role as the befuddled, forgetful, and utterly lovable Aunt Clara on the sitcom Bewitched made her a TV favorite. In her episodes on the show, Clara (who was one of Samantha Stevens' relatives, and thus a witch) would unintentionally cause chaos in the Stevens household with her inability to control her spell-casting powers. Lorne was awarded a well deserved Emmy for her role in 1968. Sadly, the award came posthumusly; she had died of a heart attack at age 82 a few weeks earlier. Elizabeth Montgomery accepted the Emmy on Lorne's behalf.
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