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1964 7 UP ad Artist Bob Peak's (1927-1992) eye-popping psychedelic colors suit this portrait of a 1960's woman with her rifle found in the November 1964 Seventeen magazine.
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Added: 8th October 2011
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1968 Fudge Cups This rivals anything Dr. Frankenstein could cook up in his lab!
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1968 VW Funky Flowers Includes Mellow Yellow and Out of Sight White colors!
Tags: 1968  VW  Flower  Stickers  Sixties  Advertisement  SeventeenMagazine 
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1962 Mail Order Monkey It's hard to believe that this is real. And to think it was an advertisement found in a young girls magazine. American Girl magazine December 1962.
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1964 Sixties Makeup by Wally Westmore For a dollar and a soap wrapper, famed Hollywood makeup artist Wally Westmore will give you your own personal beauty analysis in this November 1964 Seventeen magazine Dial soap ad featuring popular model Colleen Corby. As mentioned in the trivia game number 65 here at YRT, Westmore did the makeup for the 1932 horror film Island of Lost Souls. 32-years later this respected beauty authority graced the pages of teen fashion tome Seventeen magazine. The juxtaposition here is humorous.
Tags: 1964  SeventeenMagazine  vintage  teen  fashions  makeup  WallyWestmore  ColleenCorby  film  Sixties  1960s  ads   
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Tell It To Groucho See Lava's write up at: http://www.yourememberthat.com/media/15023/Tell_It_To_Groucho_-_1962/
Tags: Joy    Patty    Harmon    Groucho    Marx    Tell    It    to    Groucho    game    show     
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Tell It To Groucho - 1962 After hosting the hugely successful You Bet Your Life on TV from 1950 to 1961, 70-year-old Groucho Marx was persuaded to return to the tube with Tell It To Groucho--a short-lived game show that aired for just five months on CBS in 1962 before being axed. The show was similar to YBYL, where the ad-libbed comedic banter between Groucho and the contestants was far more important than the game. This time the game portion was almost an afterthought. To win $500, contestants had to identify celebrities whose pictures were only shown for a split second. The show had a rotten time slot. It was directly pitted against Dr. Kildare on NBC and My Three Sons on ABC. Early in the show's run, Groucho wrote to a friend and described his on-air assistant, Patty Harmon, as "a sprightly young doll with oversized knockers who leaps around the stage with all the abandon of a young doe being pursued by an elderly banker". (Harmon was a onetime runner-up in the Miss Connecticut pageant and had been a contestant on YBYL. She later got some acting gigs as Joy Harmon. Her most famous role was in Cool Hand Luke; she's the busty blonde who provocatively washes her car within eyeshot of the aroused chain-gang prisoners.) Groucho never had another regular TV show after the last episode of Tell It To Groucho aired on May 31, 1962.
Tags: Joy  Patty  Harmon  Groucho  Marx  Tell  It  to  Groucho  game  show 
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1965 Candice Bergen Who knew Candice Bergen's award-laden career had it's humble beginnings in teen fashion magazines? Here is teenager Candice in the July 1965 Seventeen magazine, 23-years before becoming television's famed Murphy Brown.
Tags: 1965  SeventeenMagazine  CandiceBergen  teens  fashions  1960s 
Added: 3rd October 2011
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Jackies White House Tour On February 14th, 1962 First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy gave an exclusive tour of the White House, hosted by CBS's Charles Collingwood and broadcasted on all three networks.
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My Daddy is President --JFK A hit before JFK was assassinated. Here are the lyrics: My daddy is president, What does your daddy do? I live in a big white house On Pennsylvania Avenue. I always hide behind The desk in daddy's den When I play hide-and-seek With secret service men. My daddy is president, We had a busy day. I'm learning the alphabet: A-B-C-D-J-F-K. [ Lyrics from: http://www.lyricsfreak.com/l/little+jo+ann/my+daddy+is+president_20845419.html ] I don't play house, I play the game of government. 'Cause my daddy is the president. At daddy's first press conference, I made news, Wearing mommy's high heeled shoes. And every time I'm able I'm under the conference table. My daddy is president, We make a happy pair. I go for my pony ride, He rides in his rocking chair. No matter what I do It makes a news event 'Cause my daddy is the president.
Tags:         JFK          novelty  record          President  Kennedy          vintage  vinyl          Caroline          White  House          Little  Jo  Ann          vinyl45s4ever          golden  oldies  John  F.  Kennedy,  Little  Jo,  Jackie  O 
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