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1960s model Colleen Corby Popular sixties teen fashion model Colleen Corby on the cover of a September 1964 Seventeen magazine. More vintage Seventeen magazines and more of Colleen Corby at my fansite corbyfansDOTmultiplyDOTcom All nostalgia seekers welcome!
Tags: 1960s  fashions 
Added: 18th June 2010
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Posted By: AngoraSox
1960s Paper Dresses Sixties Ford fashion model Colleen Corby models a paper dress on the cover of the May 1967 Seventeen magazine. More Colleen and sixties teen fashions can be seen at my site corbyfansDOTmultiplyDOTcom. Everyone is welcome to this visit down memory lane!
Tags: sixties  fashions 
Added: 18th June 2010
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Posted By: AngoraSox
Sixties Mohair Sweaters Popular 1960's mohair sweaters shown on the cover of Seventeen magazine November 1964. Mary Wells backup singers on "My Guy" are wearing a similar sweater.
Tags: sixties  fashions 
Added: 18th June 2010
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Posted By: AngoraSox
Richard Harris - MacArthur Park Tags: macarthur    park    richard    harris    los    angeles     
Added: 16th June 2010
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Posted By: Music Maiden
Cynthia Lynn Lovely Cynthia Lynn (pictured here in a CBS publicity photo with Bob Crane) played Fraulein Helga, Colonel Klink's secretary, in the first season of Hogan's Heroes (1965-66). In the series' pilot episode, Helga unabashedly works with the prisoners to sabotage the German war effort. In the first season however, Helga only assists Hogan and his cronies with small favors usually paid for with bribes of luxury items. The next season, Lynn was suddenly replaced by Klink's new secretary, Fraulein Hilda, played by Sigrid Valdis (who later became Bob Crane's second wife!). Why was Lynn replaced? No one has ever satisfactorily answered that question for Hogan's Heroes buffs. One persistent rumor had Lynn engaging in an off-screen affair with the married Crane. When the romance became known, Lynn quit the show. Lynn did return a few times late in the show's run in bit parts.
Tags: Cynthia  Lynn  Hogans  Heroes  Helga 
Added: 15th June 2010
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Posted By: Lava1964
Oh What a Night The Dells
Tags: 1969  The  Music  Scene 
Added: 13th June 2010
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Posted By: Marty6697
my 1st grade book also my nickname.
Added: 11th June 2010
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Posted By: luvs2cover
Who Put The Bomp by Barry Mann A One Hit Wonder is usually classified as an artist or group who only had one song reach the charts in their careers. Sometimes tho, you find something interesting when researching them. ;-) (Only the predominant songs on the album covers apply here).
Tags: barry  mann  who  put  the  bomp  1961 
Added: 7th June 2010
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Posted By: nbmike
The Delfonics - La-La Means I Love You Tags: The  Delfonics  -  La-La  Means  I  Love  You   
Added: 3rd June 2010
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Posted By: Music Maiden
Liberace as Chandell on Batman TV series Liberace plays the dual role of the villians Chandell and his evil brother Harry. This two part episode had the highest rating in the entire Batman series.
Tags: Liberace  as  Chandell  on  Batman  TV  series   
Added: 21st May 2010
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Posted By: Cliffy

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