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Barney Fife Lectures Special Deputies From the classic sitcom The Andy Griffth Show: When a VIP is scheduled to visit Mayberry, law enforcement goes all out and recruits three special deputies to make sure there is no trouble. Deputy Barney Fife (Don Knotts) prepares the underlings with one of his typical lectures.
Tags: Barney  Fife  lecture  special  deputies  Andy  Griffith  Show 
Added: 17th October 2015
Views: 839
Posted By: Lava1964
Occasional Wife - Failed Sitcom For the 1966-67 season NBC introduced a new sitcom titled Occasional Wife. Here was the premise of the show: Peter Christopher (played by Michael Callan), an eager employee of a baby food company, is not allowed to progress up the corporate ladder unless he has a wife. He solves his problem by having a female friend, Greta Patterson (played by Patricia Harty)--who lives two floors up in the same apartment building--pose as his wife whenever necessary to fool his boss. Many humorous sequences occurred on the fire escape where a nosy neighbor--known only as Man-in-the-Middle (played by Bryan O'Byrne)--observed the deceitful goings-on. Occasional Wife started out well in the ratings but had slid into 64th place by the end of its only season. It was axed after 24 episodes. In real life Callan and Harty fell in love while making the show and were married during its short run. They eventually divorced, however. The narrator heard in the opening sequence should be recognizable to baseball fans: It's longtime Dodgers broadcaster Vin Scully!
Tags: sitcom  NBC  Occasional  Wife 
Added: 17th October 2015
Views: 816
Posted By: Lava1964
Spock Star Trek Helmet Tags: Spock  Star  Trek  Helmet  flashing  light  telescoping  antenna  Paramount  Pictures 
Added: 15th October 2015
Views: 712
Posted By: Old Fart
Panasonic Starstream TV A lightweight TV at just 9 1/4 pounds!
Tags: Panasonic  Starstream  TV  portable  TV  battery  operated  ugly  TV   
Added: 14th October 2015
Views: 945
Posted By: pfc
Batman Punches Tags: Batman  Punches  words  in  the  air  Robin  Gotham  City 
Added: 8th October 2015
Views: 1010
Posted By: BigBoy Bob
Mad Magazine Introduces 43-Man Squamish As an amusing parody of big-time NCAA athletics, the June 1965 edition of Mad magazine introduced a new collegiate sport devised by writer Tom Koch: 43-man squamish. The rules call for squamish to be played on a pentagonal-shaped field called a fluteney in which the two teams line up on opposite ends to start play. (Think about it.) A squamish game is comprised of seven ogres of 15 minutes each--or eight ogres if it rains. Players are outfitted in polo helmets and swim fins and carry long hooked sticks called frullips. The object of squamish is to advance the pritz (a ball made of untreated ibex hide and stuffed with blue jay feathers) beyond the opponents' goal line to score woomiks (worth 17 points each) or durmishes (worth 11 point each). Some of the positions include left overblats, outside grouches, offensive niblings, and a dummy. The game's officials include a probate judge and a baggage smasher. This illustration shows what a first-rate collegiate squamish team would look like.
Tags: 43-man  squamish  Mad  magazine 
Added: 3rd October 2015
Views: 1346
Posted By: Lava1964
Aqua Velva- Give It Tags: Aqua  Velva-  Give  It  Arabian  Nights  aftershave  toilet  water  60  Lainie  Kazan 
Added: 30th September 2015
Views: 898
Posted By: Cliffy
The Long And Winding Road Notes Tags: The  Long  And  Winding  Road  Notes  Apple  Records  Paul  McCartney  Phil  Spector  John  Eastman  orders 
Added: 17th September 2015
Views: 789
Posted By: BigBoy Bob
The Bill Cosby Show Tags: The  Bill  Cosby  Show  1969    Chet  Kincaid  NBC    physical  education  teacher   
Added: 16th September 2015
Views: 767
Posted By: Cliffy
Barbie Dolls Allan The Allan doll was named after Barbara Handler's (Mattel founders daughter) real husband Allan Segal. The doll was manufactured from 1964 to 1966.
Tags: Barbie  Dolls  Allan  Allan  Sega  Mattel    Barbara  Handler   
Added: 15th September 2015
Views: 718
Posted By: Cathy

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