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1977 WWWF Manager of the Year Award Another oddball clip from days of yore when pro wrestling was fun and plausibly believable: In 1977 the World Wide Wrestling Federation (now the WWE) held a public vote for 'Manager of the Year.' The four candidates were three heels (Freddie Blassie, the Grand Wizard, and Lou Albano) and one good guy (Arnold Skaaland). This clip shows the big moment when the winner was announced. Need I tell you that something goes amiss? After all, it's rasslin'!
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Added: 24th April 2015
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Posted By: Lava1964
First Earth Day with Walter Cronkite Tags: First  Earth  Day  with  Walter  Cronkite  1970  ecology 
Added: 22nd April 2015
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Posted By: Cathy
SNL Spoofs US Navy Commercials Tags: SNL  Spoof  US  Navy  Commercials  1979  United  States  Navy  Advertisement  comedy  parody  Saturday  Night  Live  Bayonne  New  Jersey  Its  Not  Just  A  Job  It's  $98.78  A  Week  funny 
Added: 17th April 2015
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US Navy Commercial- Outward Bound Rota Spain Tags: US  Navy  Commercial-  Outward  Bound  Rota  Spain 
Added: 17th April 2015
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Pioneer Music Center Tags: Pioneer  Music  Center  LP  45pm  78rpm  33rpm  entertainment  music   
Added: 16th April 2015
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GI Joe Originals Tags: GI  Joe  Originals  dolls  action  figures  hasbro  military  marine  army  navy  air  force  astronaut 
Added: 15th April 2015
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Forgotten Sitcom - Temperatures Rising In the fall of 1972 ABC introduced a hospital-based sitcom called Temperatures Rising. The show starred Cleavon Little and James Whitmore as doctors at Capitol General Hospital in Washington, DC. Joan van Ark played the head nurse. This is the opening sequence. Its 1972-73 season was fondly remembered by its fans, but ABC felt the ratings were disappointing. An enormous makeover revamped the show for its second season which was awkwardly retitled The New Temperatures Rising Show. Only Cleavon Little remained with the cast. The rest were axed. Whitmore was replaced by Paul Lynde and Little's role was basically downgraded to being Lynde's straight man. (Lynde had had his own self-titled sitcom on ABC in 1972-73 but it had been canceled after one season!) Furthermore the show's type of comedy changed drastically. The second season focused on the 'dark humor' of the hospital's exploitation of patients. The viewing public hated the new version of the sitcom. After 13 episodes The New Temperatures Rising Show was cancelled. Happy Days replaced it in its Tuesday time slot. The show resurfaced in the summer of 1974 with most of the first season's cast back in the fold, but by that time its viewership was gone. ABC quietly dropped Temperatures Rising from its lineup before the 1974-75 season began.
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Added: 11th April 2015
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Mr Bill Safety Tips Tags: Mr  Bill  Safety  Tips    clay  figurine  clown  star  Walter  Williams  Saturday  Night  Live    Vance  DeGeneres  Oh  no  Ohhhh  noooooooooooooo  Spot  Sluggo 
Added: 11th April 2015
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Posted By: BigBoy Bob
Love American Style - The Elopement Love American Style was a light-hearted program that aired on ABC from 1969 to 1974. It was usually comprised of three unrelated segments that involved some sort of romantic entanglement. The show had no ongoing cast; familiar actors from other TV shows normally played the lead roles. The show's main segments were separated with 'blackouts'--short, comedic vignettes. Love American Style was considered somewhat risque for its time because of its bedroom humor. Here's a good example: Davy Jones and Karen Valentine star in this 10-minute clip from 1970 about an elopement that goes wrong when the groom-to-be enters the wrong girl's window. It is preceded by a 'blackout' that would have raised a few eyebrows in 1970. (Try to ignore the logo that appears in the middle of the screen.)
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Added: 10th April 2015
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Ron Howard Happy Days TV Guide Cover 1974 Happy Days began its 10-year run on ABC on January 15, 1974 as a mid-season replacement show. Its nostalgic look at 1950s America was well received by people of all ages. This TV Guide cover from June 1974 shows Ron Howard and actress Kathy O'Dare. Despite what the caption says, O'Dare was not a regular on the series. In fact, she was only in two episodes that aired more than a year apart in which she played two different characters. However, O'Dare was in the very first episode, titled 'All The Way.' The plot has Potsie arranging a date for Richie with classmate Mary Lou Mulligan, a vapid, shapely lass who has 'a reputation.' It turns out that Mary Lou's alleged reputation is based on mere gossip and she really is 'a nice girl.' O'Dare also appeared on an episode of The Brady Bunch in 1974 as the apple of Peter Brady's eye. O'Dare later reunited with Howard when they co-starred in a forgettable 1976 southern-style car-chase film titled Eat My Dust. O'Dare died at the young age of 52 in 2010.
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