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McDonalds Menu Board Tags: McDonalds  Menu  Board  Hamburger  Soda  Coke  Fries  milkshake  Big  Mac 
Added: 31st July 2014
Views: 158
Posted By: BigBoy Bob
Eulle Gibbons Eating Pine Tree Spoof Tags: Eulle  Gibbons  Eating  Pine  Tree  Spoof  naturalist  Carol  Burnett 
Added: 28th July 2014
Views: 169
Posted By: Cliffy
Eulle Gibbons on Eating Pine Trees I have been looking forever for the Eulle Gibbons commercial on eating pine trees. They pulled back in 1977 for fear of kids eating pine trees.
Tags: Eulle  Gibbons  Eating  Pine  Trees  Grape  Nuts  Post  Cereal  naturalist 
Added: 28th July 2014
Views: 96
Posted By: Cliffy
Undercover Angel--Alan ODay Tags: Undercover  Angel--Alan  ODay  Charlies  Angels  70's  music  1970's  1977  top  40  music 
Added: 26th July 2014
Views: 105
Posted By: Music Maiden
The Brian Keith Show The Brian Keith show ran two seasons on NBC from September 15, 1972 to August 30, 1974. It had a different title in its first season: The Little People. Total Television describes it as a "forgettable sitcom about a pediatrician in Hawaii." Keith starred as Dr. Sean Jamison. Shelley Fabares played Dr. Anne Jamison, his daughter and his nurse. In 1973 it was retitled The Brian Keith Show. Nancy Kulp was added to the cast as Mrs. Millard Gruber, the landlady. Here is the opening montage.
Tags: Brian  Kieth  Show  Little  People  sitcom 
Added: 21st July 2014
Views: 166
Posted By: Lava1964
Jackson - Looking Through The Windows Tags: Jackson  -  Looking  Through  The  Windows  Sonny  and  Cher  Show  Sonny  &  Cher  Show  TV  Variety  Show  1970s  70's 
Added: 18th July 2014
Views: 163
Posted By: Music Maiden
Shirleys World - Failed TV Show Steve asked me to re-post this clip after it was lost when the website's server was changed. "Another example of an unsuccessful TV series featuring a major film star" is how Total Television described Shirley's World, a 30-minute dramedy that ran on ABC from September 15, 1971 to January 5, 1972. Shirley MacLaine played Shirley Logan, a globe-trotting photo-journalist employed by World Illustrated magazine. John Gregson played her editor. The show was extremely expensive to produce because it was actually filmed in exotic locales. Some critics have commented that the travel budget could have been more wisely spent on better scripts. It was produced in England by ITV and carried on ABC in the United States. Further complicating matters was MacLaine's dislike for producer Sheldon Leonard. Here's the opening montage.
Tags: Shirleys  World  ABC  dramedy 
Added: 17th July 2014
Views: 186
Posted By: Lava1964
Roberto Clemente Eerie Interview Here's a snippet from a July 1971 interview with baseball great Roberto Clemente. When asked about attaining the 3,000-hit milestone, Clemente says that he does not know if he will live to do it. Clemente died in a plane crash on New Year's Eve 1972. He had exactly 3,000 hits.
Tags: baseball  Roberto  Clemente 
Added: 16th July 2014
Views: 168
Posted By: Lava1964
Ramblin Root Beer Tags: Ramblin  Root  Beer  Summer  head  soda  Coca  Cola  Bottling  70s  Something  More 
Added: 12th July 2014
Views: 252
Posted By: Freckles
Iron Butterfly for Ban Roll On Commerical Tags: Iron  Butterfly  for  Ban  Roll  On  Commercial  Rock  and  Roll  Acid  Rock  psychedelic  rock  In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida  heavy  metal,[1]  acid  rock,  blues  rock,  hard  rock   
Added: 5th July 2014
Views: 261
Posted By: Music Maiden

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