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Forgotten Sitcom - California Fever In 1979 CBS presented a new, hour-long sitcom/adventure show about four free-spirited teenagers called California Fever. Here's a teaser plus the opening credits. (During production the show had been tentatively titled "We're Cruisin'") It debuted on September 25, 1979--and was gone by December 11, 1979 after just 10 episodes. Its time slot was not an enviable one: It aired from 8 to 9 p.m. on Tuesdays--directly opposite the ABC juggernaut duo of Happy Days and Laverne & Shirley. California Fever centered on the activities of a group of west coast youths who were often found at Rick's Place--a Sunset Beach hangout. The emphasis was typically on cars, music, and the opposite sex. Cast members included Jimmy McNichol, Marc McClure, Michele Tobin, and Lorenzo Lamas. Alan O'Day (who had a #1 song in 1977 with Undercover Angel) performed the theme.
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Added: 23rd March 2015
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Dean Martin and Foster Brooks--The Brain Surgeon Tags: Dean  Martin  and  Foster  Brooks--The  Brain  Surgeon  drunk  drunkard  singer  Dino  comedy  funny 
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Charlie Chaplin Body Stolen From Grave Tags: Charlie  Chaplin  Body  Stolen  From  Grave  grave  robbery  body  stolen  kidnapping  Oola  Chaplin  Lake  Geneva  in  Switzerland  ransom 
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Kenny Rogers Learn To Play The Guitar Tags: Kenny  Rogers  Learn  To  Play  The  Guitar  Kenny  Rogers  and  the  First  Edition 
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Muhammad Ali Roach Trap Commercial - 1978 Muhammad Ali wants to knock out your roach problem in this 1978 commercial.
Tags: roach  trap  commercial  Muhammad  Ali 
Added: 14th March 2015
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Posted By: Lava1964
Beverly Bremers - Dont Say You Dont Remember Tags: Beverly  Bremers  -  Dont  Say  You  Dont  Remember    1972  70s  music  one  hit  wonder  bubblegum  music  70s  1970s 
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CBS Bicentennial Minutes From the summer of 1974 to December 31, 1976 CBS aired nightly 60-second segments, referred to as "200 Years Ago Today" or "Bicentennial Minutes," during its prime-time schedule to kindle interest in the USA's 200th birthday. Numerous noteworthy people read accounts of what was happening in the American colonies or the newly formed United States of America exactly two centuries in the past. In this particular segment, actress Jessica Tandy recounts the events of August 31, 1775. These were very well received by the public. In fact, the "series" was thought to be so important that president Gerald Ford read the last one on December 31, 1976.
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Lemon Up Shampoo I loved this stuff!
Tags: Lemon  Up  Shampoo  Make  Peace  with  Grease 
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McSmoke--McDonalds Ashtray Tags: McDonalds  Ashtray  restaurant  burger  hamburglar  Ronald  McDonald  McSmoke  cigarettes 
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