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Jolly Green Giant Foot Carpet Tags: Jiffy  Pop  Pop  Corn  hohoho  from  the  valley  of  the  giant  shag  rug 
Added: 2nd August 2015
Views: 120
Posted By: Freckles
Then Came Bronson Tags: Then  Came  Bronson  Michael  Parks  NBC  1969  1970  MGM  James  Jim  Bronson  Harley  Davidson  Sportster  Motorcycle  cross  country  journey  travel  find  ones  self 
Added: 27th July 2015
Views: 149
Posted By: Cliffy
Roy Rogers Dale Evans Seven Seas Salad Dressing Tags: Roy  Rogers  Dale  Evans  Seven  Seas  Salad  Dressing  Ranch  Viva  Italian   
Added: 26th July 2015
Views: 112
Posted By: Old Fart
Fabrege Organics Tags: Fabrege  Organics  Shampoo  they  told  two  fiends  natural  wheat  germ  and  honey  conditioner  women  men   
Added: 18th July 2015
Views: 105
Posted By: Cathy
Shag Carpeting For The Bathroom Tags: Shag  Carpeting  For  The  Bathroom  shag  toilet  pile  Sear-A-Grip  Colormates   
Added: 11th July 2015
Views: 297
Posted By: Freckles
Shoes For The Male Chauvinistic Pig Tags: Hush  Puppies  For  The  Male  Chauvinistic  Pig  shoes   
Added: 9th July 2015
Views: 168
Posted By: Old Fart
When You Are Out Of Schlitz You Are Out of Beer Good manly theme!
Tags: When  You  Are  Out  Of  Schlitz  You  Are  Out  of  Beer  You  only  go  round  once  in  life  reach  for  all  the  gusto  beer   
Added: 8th July 2015
Views: 370
Posted By: Cliffy
Handi Wipes 1001 Uses Commercial from the 70's but they are still available in the same design!
Tags: Handi  Wipes  1001  Uses  Clorox  clean  wipe  spill  make  up   
Added: 8th July 2015
Views: 249
Posted By: Cliffy
Happy Birthday America Tags: Linda  Carter  America  Birthday  USA  United  States  of  America  Wonder  Woman  Television  TV  Show  Superhero  Super  Hero  Patriotic  Red  White  and  Blue  Caped  Crusader  action 
Added: 4th July 2015
Views: 254
Posted By: BigBoy Bob
OJ Dingo Tags: OJ  Dingo  shoes  boots  Buffalo  Bills  OJ  Simpson  murderer  Nicole  Simpson  football  player 
Added: 27th June 2015
Views: 156
Posted By: Old Fart

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