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 Lady Schick Speed Styler Commercial Tags:   Lady  Schick  Speed  Styler  Commercial  Farrah  Fawcett  Angela  Cartwright  style  hair  curly  hair  straight  hair 
Added: 30th January 2015
Views: 66
Posted By: Cathy
Supermax Hair Dryer Tags: Supermax  Hair  Dryer  Conair  style  styler  hair 
Added: 30th January 2015
Views: 51
Posted By: Cathy
Rosey Grier in The Thing With Two Heads A rich but racist man is dying and hatches an elaborate scheme for transplanting his head onto another man's body.
Tags: Rosey  Grier  in  The  Thing  With  Two  Heads  Ray  Milland  Roosevelt  Grier  Don  Marshall  Roger  Perry  Kathy  Baumann  Chelsea  Brown 
Added: 28th January 2015
Views: 89
Posted By: Cliffy
Rosie Grier Needlepoint For Men Tags: Rosie  Grier  Needlepoint  For  Men  Fearsome  Foursome    Los  Angeles  Rams  NFL  National  Football  League   
Added: 28th January 2015
Views: 63
Posted By: Cathy
Eric Clapton With His Mum Tags: Eric  Clapton  With  His  Mum  Musician,  guitarist,  singer-songwriter,  record  producer,  artist 
Added: 25th January 2015
Views: 92
Posted By: Music Maiden
Toking With Lawrence Welk Tags: Toking  With  Lawrence  Welk  One  Toke  Over  The  Line  Sweet  Jesus  duet  Gail  Farrell    Dick  Dale  drug  marijuana  getting  high   
Added: 24th January 2015
Views: 156
Posted By: Music Maiden
Mel Brooks Young Frankenstein Trailer Tags: Mel  Brooks  Young  Frankenstein  Trailer  1974  1970's  70's    Gene  Wilder          Peter  Boyle          Marty  Feldman          Cloris  Leachman          Teri  Garr          Kenneth  Mars      Madeline  Kahn 
Added: 19th January 2015
Views: 93
Posted By: pfc
1976 USA Bicentennial Tags: 1976  USA  Bicentennial  PSA  United  States  of  American  Birthday 
Added: 19th January 2015
Views: 97
Posted By: Old Fart
Groovy Frigidaire Appliances Tags: Groovy  Frigidaire  Appliances  General  Motors  refrigerator  avocado  green   
Added: 18th January 2015
Views: 136
Posted By: Cathy
1972 Stanley Cup Finals - Game 6 Highlights For years it was believed only a few highlights of the 1972 Stanley Cup finals between the Boston Bruins and New York Rangers still existed. (Before 1980, TV networks often erased sports programming in order to reuse the expensive videotapes for other events. After all, the conventional wisdom was that nobody would be interested in seeing old sports events! For example, there is no surviving full videotape of Super Bowl I.) Someone at Madison Square Garden discovered the New York Rangers had filmed the sixth game of the Cup finals for their own purposes. In 2008 MSG network combined an audio tape of Dan Kelly's CBS broadcast (preserved by a Bruins fan) and dubbed it over the silent film the Rangers had made. The happy result is this 12-minute condensed version of the game in which the Bruins defeated the Rangers 3-0 to win their fifth Stanley Cup. Look for the brilliance of Boston's Bobby Orr to be the deciding factor. Note: You may have to crank up the sound to adequately hear the legendary voice of Dan Kelly do the play-by-play.
Tags: 1972  Stanley  Cup  final  Game  6 
Added: 6th January 2015
Views: 179
Posted By: Lava1964

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