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Joey Stivic Doll Commercial Tags: Archie  Bunker  Grandson  Baby  Doll  All  In  The  Family  Carroll  O 
Added: 21st December 2014
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Posted By: Freckles
Archie Bunker Grandson Baby Doll Bet you never knew they tried to market this!
Tags: Archie  Bunker  Grandson  Baby  Doll  All  In  The  Family  Carroll  O'Connor  Joey  Stivic  Doll  Mike  Stivic  Gloria  Stivic 
Added: 21st December 2014
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Posted By: Freckles
Beefaroni -Beef-O-Getti Commercial Tags: Beefaroni  /  Beef-O-Getti  Commercial  Chef  Boyardee  Spaghetti  70's  TV  1970's  Classic  TV  Commercials  Food   
Added: 17th December 2014
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Posted By: BigBoy Bob
Unfair Balance Tags: Javelin  AMC  Ford  Mustang  Balance  Muscle  cars 
Added: 16th December 2014
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Posted By: pfc
Riunite on Ice Thats Nice Tags: Riunite  on  Ice  Thats  Nice  Italian  Wine  Alchohol  1979  1970's  70's  TV  commcerical 
Added: 12th December 2014
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Posted By: Cathy
Kmart Christmas 1979 Tags: Kmart  Christmas  1979  Television  TV  commercial  gift  ideas  1970s  70s 
Added: 12th December 2014
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Posted By: Cathy
Duane Bobick-John Tate 1979 Duane Bobick was an outstanding American amateur boxing hopeful in the early 1970s. Among his defeated opponents were future world heavyweight champion Larry Holmes and Cuba's superb Teofilo Stevenson. The favorite to win the gold medal at the 1972 Munich Olympics, Bobick was instead knocked out in the quarterfinals by Stevenson. Turning pro shortly thereafter, Bobick won his first 38 pro fights. Although the quality of many of Bobick's opponents was questionable, Bobick did defeat a handful of capable fighters such as Mike Weaver, Randy Neumann, Chuck Wepner and Scott LeDoux. NBC gave Bobick a prime-time fight versus Ken Norton on Wednesday, May 11, 1977 as a means of elevating him to a modern version of the "Great White Hope." With 42 million people watching, Norton dispatched Bobick inside of one round. (I posted that bout on this website several years ago.) After that debacle, Bobick recorded six wins and a loss to South African Kallie Koenetze, so ABC decided to give Bobick another shot at making it big. On February 17, 1979, Bobick was matched against John Tate, an American bronze medallist from 1976 (who had coincidentally also been knocked silly by Teofilo Stevenson) in a live feature bout from Indianapolis on Wide World of Sports. Surely Bobick would fare better this time, right?
Tags: Duane  Bobick  John  Tate  heavyweight  boxing 
Added: 10th December 2014
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Posted By: Lava1964
Rick Monday Saves American Flag 1976 At a time when the USA was experiencing a resurgence of patriotism with the Bicentennial, a pair of protesters apparently didn't get the message that the 1960s were over: The Cubs and Dodgers were playing in Los Angeles and with the Dodgers batting in the bottom of the 4th inning, two men ran onto the field, intending to burn an American flag. The men spread the flag on the outfield grass, and one of them soaked it in lighter fluid as the other was about to ignite it. A quick-thinking Rick Monday ran towards the men, grabbing the flag and preventing the desecration of the Stars and Stripes.
Tags: Sports 
Added: 7th December 2014
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Posted By: WestVirginiaRebel
Robin Williams First Appearance As Mork From Ork In 1978 Robin Williams made his first appearance as Mork, which was spun off into the hit series Mork and Mindy. Robin Williams returned to Happy Days in a later episode, when his own series was a huge hit.
Tags: TV 
Added: 5th December 2014
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Posted By: WestVirginiaRebel
The Doobie Brothers Appear On Whats Happening The Seventies rockers made an appearance on a two-part episode of the series in which the kids are forced to record a performance by the band at their high school. The performance includes the classic "Taking It to The Streets."
Tags: TV 
Added: 4th December 2014
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Posted By: WestVirginiaRebel

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