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Paper Lace The Night Chicago Died Tags: Paper  Lace  The  Night  Chicago  Died  Peter  Callander  Mitch  Murray  Al  Capone    Saint  Valentine's  Day  Massacre  East  Side  of  Chicago 
Added: 3rd September 2014
Views: 227
Posted By: BigBoy Bob
The New Phone Books Are In Tags: The  New  Phone  Books  Are  In  The  Jerk  Steve  Martin  Movie  Funny  comedian  phone  company  I'm  somebody 
Added: 17th August 2014
Views: 525
Posted By: Cathy
Fruit Of The Loom Commercial Tags: Fruit  Of  The  Loom  Commercial  70's  1978  1970's  1978  Fruits  human  fruits 
Added: 13th August 2014
Views: 392
Posted By: pfc
Evel Knievel Bicycle Commercial Tags: Evel  Knievel  Bicycle  Commercial  AMF  bike  wheelie 
Added: 13th August 2014
Views: 359
Posted By: pfc
Make Room for Granddaddy Failed attempt to revitalize Make Room for Daddy.
Tags: Make  Room  for  Granddaddy    Danny  ThomasDanny  Williams  Marjorie  Lord  Kathy  Williams  tAngela  Cartwright    Linda  Williams  Michael  Hughes    Michael  Wilson  Rusty  Hamer    Rusty  Williams    Make  Room  for  Daddy  TV  Series  TV  70's  1970  ABC  American  Broadcasting  Corporation 
Added: 8th August 2014
Views: 328
Posted By: Freckles
KRON-TV computerizes newsroom A 1970s promotional film about KRON-TV San Francisco doing away with typewriters and installing a computer system in its newsroom
Tags: KRON-TV  computerizes  newsroom  Television  newsroom  news  computer  computerized  cpu   
Added: 5th August 2014
Views: 389
Posted By: Steve
Baby That A Way Tags: Baby  That  A  Way  Mattel  toys  girl  toys  baby  doll 
Added: 4th August 2014
Views: 346
Posted By: Freckles
Badfinger--Come and Get It Paul McCartney presented this song to Apple Recording Band Badfinger to play for the movie The Magic Christian since he was contracted to provide 3 songs for the movie. Badfinger had to play it exactly how he presented it which they did. See previous upload Come and Get It Paul McCartney.
Tags: Badfinger--Come  and  Get  It  Paul  McCartney  The  Beatles    The  Magic  Christian  Apple  Records 
Added: 2nd August 2014
Views: 513
Posted By: Old Fart
McDonalds Menu Board Tags: McDonalds  Menu  Board  Hamburger  Soda  Coke  Fries  milkshake  Big  Mac 
Added: 31st July 2014
Views: 754
Posted By: BigBoy Bob
Eulle Gibbons Eating Pine Tree Spoof Tags: Eulle  Gibbons  Eating  Pine  Tree  Spoof  naturalist  Carol  Burnett 
Added: 28th July 2014
Views: 369
Posted By: Cliffy

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