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Dave McNally World Series Grand Slam The 1970 World Series pitted the AL champion Baltimore Orioles versus the NL champion Cincinnati Reds. In Game #3 Orioles' pitcher Dave McNally had a pretty good day: Not only did he pitch a complete-game victory for his team, he hit a grand slam home run too! It was the first time a pitcher had achieved such a feat in a World Series game. Here is kinescope video of McNally's home run. Chuck Thompson and Curt Gowdy are the NBC broadcasters. Not especially noted for his batting prowess, McNally was a career .133 hitter who had nine MLB home runs in regular-season play. Oddly, McNally had also hit a home run in the 1969 World Series.
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Added: 23rd November 2014
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Schoolhouse Rock - Elbow Room From the award-winning Schoolhouse Rock series, here is Elbow Room from 1975. There is no way this cartoon would air today. Why? There is a bible shown and American westward expansion is cheerfully and unapologetically celebrated.
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Lite Beer Commercial - 1978 These commercials were great. This Miller Lite Beer ad featured ex-MLB slugger Boog Powell and Ex-umpire Jim Honochick
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Added: 16th November 2014
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Vanishing TV Character - Simone the Dog Does anyone remember the pooch the Partridge Family had during the show's first season? It was called Simone. (Apparently one of the sitcom's creators had a male dog named Simon, so he just feminized the name for the female TV dog.) Simone only appeared in a handful of episodes. Most famously, in an episode titled But The Memory Lingers On, Simone and the human Partridges are sprayed by a skunk that climbed aboard their bus during a picnic stop. Even though Simone vanished without explanation after just a few episodes, its caricature lived on: The family band's logo (which appeared on Chris Partridge's drums) showed the forgotten dog throughout the four-season run of the show.
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Added: 7th November 2014
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Happy Days - Joanie Falls For Potsie Fans of Happy Days typically rate a 1975 episode titled They Call It Potsie Love as one of the best of the entire series. (It's my personal favorite!) Here's the premise: When Richie's band is rehearsing, lead singer Potsie Webber declares he can only perform a romantic song passionately if he's singing it to a girl. With no other female present, Potsie reluctantly sings "Put Your Head on My Shoulder" to 14-year-old Joanie Cunningham. As this clip shows, Joanie becomes smitten with her older brother's friend. She sends him anonymous love notes in which she playfully calls Potsie "Dren." (Dren is "nerd" spelled backwards.) Joanie arranges to reveal her identity to Potsie at a given time at Arnold's Drive-In. When Potsie arrives as scheduled to meet his mystery girl and instead sees Joanie, he thinks he's been pranked and reacts angrily. But when Potsie quickly realizes that Joanie has true affection for him, he rejects her sweetly and gently. Two other touching scenes follow shortly thereafter: Richie lovingly comforting his sister and Marion Cunningham consoling her daughter.
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Vanishing TV Character  - Sticks From Happy Days During the third (1975-76) season of the hugely popular ABC sitcom Happy Days, a black drummer named Sticks appeared in two episodes. Played by John Anthony Bailey, Sticks was the focal point of "Fonzie's New Friend"--an episode about racism in which many people refuse to attend a luau at the Cunningham home when they learn that Sticks and his girlfriend would be present as guests. Sticks appeared in one other episode--"Fonzie the Superstar"--the amusing one in which Fonzie is cajoled into singing with Richie's band as a special attraction. After that second appearance, Sticks just vanished from Happy Days. He didn't vanish from the entertainment industry, however. After his mainstream acting career dried up, Bailey became an actor in pornographic films using the name John Baker. He died of bladder cancer in 1994 at the age of 47.
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Vanishing TV Character - Spearchucker Jones Oliver Harmon (Spearchucker) Jones was a surgeon both in the movie and television series MASH. He was portrayed in the TV series by Timothy Brown. Jones was a tent-mate of fellow surgeons Hawkeye Pierce, Trapper John McIntyre, and Frank Burns. However, Spearchucker was shown during only the first five episodes of Season One (1972-73) before vanishing forever. What happened to Spearchucker? MASH's producers dropped him from the show after concluding they would not be able to write enough meaningful episodes for the character once they decided to mainly focus on Hawkeye and Trapper. Furthermore they were made aware of a glaring historical inaccuracy: There were no black surgeons assigned to MASH units during the Korean War.
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Added: 4th November 2014
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Vanishing TV Character - Ginny Wroblicki One Day at a Time was a CBS sitcom that garnered decent ratings during its nine-year run from 1975 through 1984. The show's premise was that a new divorcee, Ann Romano (played by Bonnie Franklin), had relocated to Indianapolis with her two daughters to begin life anew. A brash character named Ginny Wroblicki joined the cast in the show's second season as the family's apartment-building neighbor. Wroblicki (played by Mary Louise Wilson) was described by Total Television as a "brassy cocktail waitress." In her first appearance on the show, Wroblicki initially quarrels with Ann without much provocation, but in the end Wroblicki helps Ann thwart a dishonest, fly-by-night upholstering business that was trying to overcharge her. In a couple of episodes Wroblicki was the romantic interest of Dwayne Schneider, the macho apartment superintendent (played by Pat Harrington). Wroblicki's character got mixed reviews. Some fans liked her in-your-face persona while others found it too overbearing and unappealing. (One critic said Wroblicki was "mannish." Another said she "looked like she had been around the block about 10 times.") She vanished after the 1976-77 season never to be heard from again. According to some scuttlebutt, Bonnie Franklin convinced CBS to dump the Ginny Wroblicki character from the show because she feared Wilson was upstaging her.
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Vanishing TV Character - John Burns of Taxi First airing in 1978, the ABC sitcom Taxi was an instant hit because of its clever writing and superb cast. In the pilot episode, a naive and somewhat dopey student named John Burns arrives in New York City and ends up in the Sunshine Cab building because he doesn't have a small bill to pay for his fare and main character Alex Reiger can't make change for a $50 note. By the end of that first episode, Burns has joined the rest of the gang as a cab driver. Randall Carver played Burns. Burns was by far the weakest character in the show's regular cast. Naivete was the key personality trait of Burns, but it was also the hallmark of Tony Banta (played by Tony Danza), an aspiring but largely unsuccessful pro boxer who made his living as a cabbie. Banta's and Burns' lines were so similar that they became almost interchangeable. A mid-season plot development in which Burns marries a girl after just one date failed to make his character stand out. At the end of the first season, John Burns just disappeared from the cast. What happened to him? Who knows? Not only was Burns' absence never explained, he was never mentioned again during the remainder of the series' successful run. Carver himself only had a handful of TV gigs in his post-Taxi acting career. Carver was essentially replaced in the Taxi cast by Christopher Lloyd whose burnt-out hippie character Reverend Jim Ignatowski was immensely popular. Lloyd won two Emmys for best supporting actor in a comedy series.
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Bat-Throwing Incident- 1972 ALCS During the first two games of the 1972 American League Championship Series, Oakland's Bert Campaneris was the best player on the field. With Oakland having defeated Detroit in the first game and leading 5-0 in the seventh inning of the second game, Detroit manager Billy Martin ordered relief pitcher Lerrin LaGrow to throw a pitch at the speedy Campaneris' ankles. As this clip shows, Campaneris reacted by throwing his bat at LaGrow! Both players were ejected and suspended for the rest of the ALCS.
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