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Archie Bunker Alone Archie Bunker's Place was a reasonably successful continuation of All In The Family. Jean Stapleton, who played Archie's wife (Edith), appeared in six episodes before deciding to leave the show. The show's writers dealt with her departure by making Archie a widower. This is the conclusion of a special one-hour episode from December 1980 in which Archie had to deal with Edith's death. Warning: It's a tear-jerker.
Tags: Archie  Bunkers  Place  Edith  death 
Added: 22nd February 2009
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Posted By: Lava1964
This Is Your Brain On Drugs this shows a frying pan and a man says, "This is drugs." He then cracks open the egg, fries the contents, and says, "This is your brain on drugs." Finally he says - "Any questions?"
Tags: Brain  Drugs  QUESTIONS  egg 
Added: 21st February 2009
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Posted By: mia_bambina
Thom McKee on Tic Tac Dough The first big game show superstar (after the scandals of the 1950s) was Thom McKee. In 1980 McKee won $312,800 on Tic Tac Dough. He won 43 games and tied 44 before being defeated in his 88th game. Here is McKee, early in his winning streak, picking up $36,000.
Tags: Tic  Tac  Dough  Thom  McKee 
Added: 21st February 2009
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Posted By: Lava1964
Your My  Best Friend Queen with the Late Great Freddie Mercury
Tags: Awesome  Song! 
Added: 19th February 2009
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Posted By: Marty6697
General Hospi Tale by the Afternoon Delights General Hospi-Tale Rap song 1981, is all about the soap opera General Hospital @ the time. "Monica likes to have her fun That is why she had a son"... and much, much more, is sung about the soap in this rap song. (OWNED)
Tags: General  Hospital  Rap  song  1981Monica   
Added: 18th February 2009
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Posted By: mia_bambina
A Chorus Line Final scene from the movie version of A Chorus Line. The movie was pretty bad but I enjoyed this last scene.
Tags: A  Chorus  Line 
Added: 18th February 2009
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Posted By: Carl1957
Ashford and Simpson Solid Ashford and Simpson in this video sing Solid!
Tags: Ashford    Simpson  Solid  Rock 
Added: 17th February 2009
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Posted By: mia_bambina
Under The Boardwalk The Return of Bruno (live)HBO Special Concert - With The Temptations
Tags: Return  of  Bruno  HBO  The  Temptations 
Added: 16th February 2009
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Posted By: mia_bambina
MOONLIGHTING With Dancing in the Moonlight  Scenes from Moonlighting with Blue Moon Detective Agency and its two partners, Madeline "Maddie" Hayes (Cybill Shepherd) and David Addison (Bruce Willis). MOONLIGHTING The show, with a mix of mystery, sharp dialogue and sexual tension between its two leads. You can remember all that from this video!
Tags: MOONLIGHTING  sexual  tension 
Added: 16th February 2009
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Posted By: mia_bambina
Bruce Willis The Return OF BRUNO Studio album by Bruce Willis Released - January 20, 1987 Genre - Rhythm & Blues, Pop Label - Motown Records... I started a new group here: DIE HARD BRUCE WILLIS/BRUNO FANS...It all started for me with MOONLIGHTING On ABC, JOIN WITH MIA'
Tags: Bruce  Willis  BRUNO  Motown  Records 
Added: 16th February 2009
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Posted By: mia_bambina

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