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Benjamin Orr - Stay the Night Tags: Benjamin  Orr  -  Stay  the  Night  1987  1980's  The  Cars   
Added: 2nd May 2015
Views: 613
Posted By: Cathy
John DAmico Tribute NHL linesman John D'Amico spent the better part of 24 years officiating in nearly 1,700 games. He started his career as a referee in 1964 but quickly found being a linesman was more to his liking. This feature focuses on D'Amico's final game, a Jets-Maple Leafs game in 1988. (The narrator is a familiar voice to Canadian hockey fans: Brian McFarlane.) D'Amico died of leukemia in 2005.
Tags: John  D'Amico  NHL  linesman 
Added: 27th April 2015
Views: 604
Posted By: Lava1964
Speak and Spell Commercial Tags: Speak  and  Spell  Commercial  Texas  Instruments  learning  instruments  early  computer  1980 
Added: 27th April 2015
Views: 425
Posted By: Cathy
Statue of Liberty Centennial- Opening Ceremony Tags: Statue  of  Liberty  Centennial-  Opening  Ceremony  Ronald  Reagan  Dan  Rather   
Added: 24th April 2015
Views: 413
Posted By: Old Fart
At the Gym with Paul Orndorff - 1984 Now for something a little bit different: When pro wrestling was somewhat believable in the early 1980s, my favorite 'heel' was the arrogant Paul (Mr. Wonderful) Orndorff. In this mini feature from 1984, Mr. Wonderful lowers his lofty personal standards to help some 'common people' with their workouts at a gym.
Tags: wrestling  Paul  Orndorff  gym  Mr  Wonderful 
Added: 19th April 2015
Views: 729
Posted By: Lava1964
Ronald Reagan Tells Soviet Jokes Tags: Ronald  Reagan  Tells  Soviet  Jokes  USSR  Russian  Russia  USA  United  States  of  America  President  General  Secretary  of  the  Communist  Party  of  the  Soviet  Union  Mikhail  Sergeyevich  Gorbachev 
Added: 11th April 2015
Views: 848
Posted By: pfc
DeLorean-The Vanishing Breed Tags: DeLorean-The  Vanishing  Breed  Stainless  Steel  Car  John  DeLorean  Back  To  The  Future 
Added: 10th April 2015
Views: 542
Posted By: pfc
I Am Stuck On Band-Aid Because Band-Aid Is Stuck On Me Tags: I  Am  Stuck  On  Band-Aid  Because  Band-Aid  Is  Stuck  On  Me  Johnson  &  Johnson  gauze  tape  injury 
Added: 8th April 2015
Views: 499
Posted By: Freckles
Failed Spinoff - The Tortellis In the early seasons of Cheers, some of the funniest episodes centered around the antics of Nick Tortelli, the sleazy ex-husband of Cheers barmaid Carla. Played by Dan Hedaya, Nick was a TV repairman who eventually married ex-showgirl Loretta (played by Jean Kasem and described by Total Television as "statuesque but dippy"). NBC figured the duo of Nick and Loretta had the potential to be comedy gold, so in January 1987 they were given their own sitcom titled The Tortellis. The show's premise was that Nick and his trophy wife had already split up and Loretta had returned to Las Vegas. They reconcile in the pilot episode and remain in Nevada in a crowded household. The couple lived with Nick's oldest son and his teenage wife--and Nick's pragmatic sister and her young son. The show never caught on, despite occasional special appearances by Cheers cast members. The Tortellis was dropped by NBC after the 13th episode aired on May 12, 1987 less than four months after its debut. Nick and Loretta made one more appearance on Cheers in which it was explained that Nick's TV repair business had failed.
Tags: NBC  failed  sitcom  The  Tortellis  Cheers  spinoff 
Added: 1st April 2015
Views: 694
Posted By: Lava1964
1980s Canadian Telemarketing Commercial This was one of a series of Canadian commercials, sponsored by a telephone company (of course) that introduced the new idea of 'telemarketing' as a way for businesses to expand their markets. I honestly think the original idea for telemarketing was for a legitimate business to keep in contact with its regular customers. It didn't yet have the negative connotations it has today (i.e. to call complete strangers at dinnertime from a phone bank in India to ask them if they want their ducts cleaned.)
Tags: telemarketing  commercial  Canada 
Added: 31st March 2015
Views: 481
Posted By: Lava1964

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