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Taylor Dayne-Heart Of Stone Tags: Taylor  Dayne-Heart  Of  Stone  Jay  Leno  Tonight  Show  2008  of  a  1990  hit 
Added: 17th January 2011
Views: 669
Posted By: Cliffy
Stone Cold vs The Undertaker for the WWF Championship From WWF Over The Edge in May 23rd, 1999 Stone Cold vs The Undertaker for the WWF Championship an
Tags: WWF  WWE  1999  Over  The  Edge  Undertaker  Stone  Cold  Steve  Austin  Corporate  Ministry  Vince  McMahon  Shane 
Added: 7th January 2011
Views: 836
Posted By: poundsdwayne47
1993 Max Factor High Definition Lipstick Commercial TV Spot from Max Factor in 1993 High Definition Lipstick
Tags: Max  Factor  Lipstick  1993  High  Definition  Impact 
Added: 7th January 2011
Views: 692
Posted By: poundsdwayne47
Seinfeld-  Food Sex and TV George combines 3 of his passions..all at the same time..CLASSIC
Tags: Seinfeld-    Food,  Sex  and  TV  George  Castanza  NBC 
Added: 4th January 2011
Views: 2498
Posted By: pfc
Cartoons of the 90s Tags: Cartoons  of  the  90s,  retro,  reminisce,  1990s 
Added: 4th December 2010
Views: 1212
Posted By: Cathy
You Got The Right One Baby Uh-Huh Diet-Pepsi Original Tags: You  Got  The  Right  One  Baby  Uh-Huh  Diet-Pepsi  Original   
Added: 30th November 2010
Views: 626
Posted By: Old Fart
White Athlete SI Cover The December 8, 1997 issue of Sports Illustrated opened a can of worms with its cover story: What Ever Happened to the White Athlete? (The caption was strategically placed over a photo of the all-white 1956 Princeton basketball squad.) The story garnered all sorts of reactions--positive, negative, and everything in between. Among the most thought-provoking revelations in the article were those from a coach at a racially diverse high school who noted that very few white kids ever tried out for the school's basketball and football teams, but there was no shortage of whites who tried out for soccer, baseball, and volleyball.
Tags: SI  white  athletes  cover 
Added: 30th November 2010
Views: 613
Posted By: Lava1964
John Wayne Bobbitt Porn Flick On June 23, 1993, a previously nondescript 26-year-old married man named John Wayne Bobbitt became world famous after his wife, Lorena, severed a prominent part of his anatomy with a kitchen knife. Bobbitt's 'junk' was later surgically reattached. Lorena was found not criminally responsible for her husband's wounding, but was required to undergo psychiatric observation in a mental hospital in Virginia. Bobbitt hoped to capitalize on his bizarre claim to fame. He formed a band called Severed Parts that achieved very little. His next attempt was a 1994 pornographic film cleverly titled John Wayne Bobbitt Uncut. Only in America...
Tags: John  Wayne  Bobbitt  porn  film 
Added: 29th November 2010
Views: 3022
Posted By: Lava1964
Leslie Nielsen 2001-Naked Gun  The Final Insult Tags: Leslie  Nielsen  2001-Naked  Gun  33  1/3  The  Final  Insult  Comedy  funny 
Added: 28th November 2010
Views: 612
Posted By: Cliffy
Stevie B - Because I Love You Tags: Stevie  B  -  Because  I  Love  You  The  Postman  Song 
Added: 18th November 2010
Views: 622
Posted By: Music Maiden

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